Congratulations to Marco

Has anyone seen the full-page birthday card to Paul Klipsch in the most recent Stereophile (p. 59) or AudioXpress (first inside page)? It's not an ad from the company, but a 100-year birthday memorial placed by PK's loving wife. The graphic design is by our own Marco Prozzo (Jax2), and I want to compliment him on an excellent job!

It will be included in the upcoming edition of TAS as well. I think the AudioXpress presentation is nicer than the Stereophile one, because it appears next to a less "busy" page. Cheers Marco!
Marco, I'm stunned! You actually do have some talents! All this time I thought you were a wallflower, or shrinking violet with nothing but time on your hands.

Good for you
Hey, thank you very much Peter and all!! I'd like to thank the Academy as well for, oh,.......ah...

Seriously, a big thanks for the words of support from all of you. And a very special thanks to my good friend Mike Klementovich as well as Maureen Barrett (Co-Authors of the only authorized biography of Paul W. Klipsch) and to Valerie Klipsch for extending their trust, support, the creative freedom and excellent direction to create such a tribute to a truly extraordinary man. Indirectly I really have Audiogon to thank for the friendship that Mike and I have developed over the past year. A year ago I purchased a pair of amps from him right here on Audiogon, and we became fast-friends having many things in common. So a big thanks to Audiogon as well. I did another, more elaborate graphic design project for Valerie, Mike and Maureen right after completing that page, that I am also very proud of. Some of you Klipsch fans may enjoy that one a lot as well, so I will put some pics up to my webspace as soon as I get a chance and post the URL to this thread. I'm currently working on a new ad for the biography which will appear in the June AudioXpress if we run on schedule, perhaps some oher pubs too a bit later in the year.

I'll continue to work here in the ol' horsebarn in Seattle to remedy my shrinking wallflower status and combine my passions. It's really nice to hear they are appreciated, and a real privelege (for which I am always thankful) to be able to share them in such an expressive way. You know I'm pretty good a macrame too Nrchy. I make a mean potholder! It's also great to get to know some of you better, and actually meet a few of you in person. Look forward to more of the same in years to come.

Best to all,

Marco Prozzo
Nice, very nice.
Not the usual run of the mill stuff. Very creative indeed.
Keep up the good work. You WILL be rewarded for it.
Wow! Who knew Marco was capable of anything serious! Just kidding, love the Klipsch ad and your website. You should be very proud.
Sure Unclejeff. Sorry I don't have time to do a set of images that may do the invitation better justice, but as good as the Internet can show such things, you can take a peek at the Ad that Peter mentioned, as well as the invitation I subsequently created which was for a dedication taking place at the end of this week in Hope, AK for the Paul W. Klipsch Memorial Garden and PWK Conference Room. The intvitation was done in a limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies. I don't know if the wood grain in the background comes across on the Internet pics, but it is the grain from birchply (a the favored material of construction of the Heritage line of speakers PWK designed). The photo-engraved copper plate on the front is identical to the design on the speakers, and the hand-applied label on the back reflects the edition number and many who are familiar with vintage Klipsch will also recognize it. So use this linkto see a few pics of the designs.

Thanks again for all the kind words.



....yes, I do have a serious fact, most people who know me well would never suspect I was funny at all. I wish my wit was as sharp as my key-pecking humor, but alas, it is not!
Marco, no one said you were funny, the suggestion is just that you're not always serious! : )
Marco, now that I've seen the ad I am truly impressed. You did justice to a great visionary-trend setter in audio. His designs set new standards for audio. Looking at them today it's easy to forget that this work was done before many at this site were born.

Now if you would just move closer to me, we'll team up my photography with your design talent and go after some of that annual report and advertising budget that's out there :^).
Hey Marco I knew you had talent that why Maureen and i paid the bill!!! In fact that is why we hired you in the first place. We needed someone who could do his job as well as Paul Klipsch did his. Hell there has not been a speaker at any price that has come along in 56 years that could bring the realism of music into the home better than a LaScala or a Klipschorn, and there is not a better artistic talent in the world that you my friend
Marco, now I really envy you. You're not only more witty than I am, you've got a better system and you're talented. But wait, I will beat you in something someday. Seriously: as maker of a magazine (about water: drinkingwater, water managment etc since you ask) I am impressed with the ad. I wish we had more ad's like those...... Congratulations!!
Man, just checking my email before bed, and came to read the rest of the thread and now I just can't get my head through the door!

Thank you Mike K, for more than I can say here!

Nrchy - OUCH! ;-)

Albert - High praise indeed coming from you. I am flattered. Thank you. Texas is to damn hot for me! Love to visit you sometime though when the mercury is down and the barbecue pit is fired-up! As you know, I've made my living primarily as a photographer for the past twenty years too. Graphic Design is really a spin-off of what I do in photo-illustration. It's been a blast to work with new tools though. Thank you for your compliments! It's truly amazing that innovations like those of Paul Klipsch and Peter Walker endure in a world racing forward at the speed of light. His (Paul's) achievements both in audio, and as an inventor, a philanthropist, and a man were, and remain, truly remarkable.

Swampwalker - glad the LCD brings out the details! Gotta git me one of those. I still use (and prefer) a CRT for image editing (also happens to be an NEC), but LCD's are MUCH easier on the eyes. Thanks!

Satch - I hope I'll be hired to do more ads like that. It sure is great to combine my passions. The next one I'm doing for Mike and Maureen will incorporate some of my photography as well. As far as envy; I know you and everyone else also have enviable qualities that I do not posess. Cherish the ones you have, I'm sure they are plentiful!

OK, gotta go take a pin to my baloon head so I can get to bed now! My wife doesn't like it when I get too cocky and the big head is a dead giveaway. You folks all made my day! It's really great to have the efforts so appreciated by the very audience I created the ad for. Thank you all again for taking the time to post!

All the best,

Beautiful work Marco. Now, crack open a bottle of Smoking Loon, and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!
Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, Cough, Whoo....
thanks for showing us some of your work. Folks hereabouts might be referring some more work to you. Well done.