cones under your tube amps??

I have the sonic frontier power 3's- Should I replace the stock rubber feet or use something like the symposium rollerblocks under the amps- thanks
Once I had a trio of the Racing cones, under a SS amp, I think the set was to make the sound more tubey like. For sure, they did gave me a slamm that I have not since experienced in any other set up. In your case, the Racing Cones to stiffen up the bass would be ideal.

In any case, not all those moving type of points or isolators have the same good effect....the Final Labs Daruma 3IIs, made my DNA 225 sound not too slammy like the racing cones.
I would expect that a Promethean Base from Machina Dynamica would do a better job, but roller bearings under tube amps work well.
I use BDR cones #4's under my tube preamps with very positive improvements in all areas.
I use Sistrum platforms under my amp and preamp, and Audiopoints under my phono step-up transformer. They work very well for me.

Disclaimer: I work for a comapany that makes vibration transfer products.
I second BDR, a combination of (1)#3 and (2)#4 worked well for me under my VAC 160 Mono's.
My Wavelengths come with BDR cones as feet. They seem to work fine. I've tried replacing them with Stillpoints, but heard absolutely no difference.
I second Twl, I use Audiopoints under everything. I like 'em!

Disclaimer: I only stick with things I like, and don't have any afilliation with any audio manufacturer.
I found a set of cones at a second-hand audio store a while ago. Three of them in a plastic bag; I don't know the brand. I tried them and I really did not notice a difference.

Perhaps I should try again.
Personally, I prefer to isolate my tube preamps from inco ing vibrations as opposed to coupling them to the floor with cones/points, which I do not believe, despite propaganda to the contrary, isolate anything by themselves. FWIW my amps are SF SFM 160's.
Yes, it's worth experimenting with cones. The results can
very by product but the potential for improvement is significant Particularly good cones can be found at the
Mapleshade web site.
Hi Klk,

Please be aware that pointed cones are rigid devices and will not isolate your amp from floor-borne vibrations generated by the speakers. In addition, using only three pointed cones will leave two of the corners of the amp unsupported thereby allowing them to be more easily excited by air-borne vibration.

Rolling ball type of devices are also rigid in the vertical plane and will allow floor-borne vibration to be a factor.

Both pointed cones and rolling balls do not address air-borne or internally generated vibration so at best, they can only be partially effective.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
I am not a manufacturer,just a Starsound dealer..Before I became a dealer I had a buddy who was looking for a new amp to replace his Conrad Johnson that was driving his Thiels. I lent him a Sistrum Sp1 to put under his Conrad,he thanked me and told me the improvement was so great it was like having a new amp..It's been 3 years since he purchased the Sistrum Sp1 and he still has the Conrad amp..Oh he later bought a pair of Sistrum Sp004's to put under his Thiel's. Tom