Old JBL recones

Hi all.  I have a friend with a pair of JBL 2215 drivers that need reconing.  JBL has informed him that they no longer make cones for these drivers.  Is there an option?  Does anyone know of an aftermarket source?  Or someone to contact that would help?
These used to be mine, and they are fine drivers.  There should be some way to have them refurbished.
When I was reconing speakers(70’s and 80’s), the aftermarket parts supplier was Waldom Electronics. I was also the local EV, JBL, Altec, Cetec-Gauss & Gollehon warranty repair facility. All the voice coils Waldom provided, were wound with common drawn copper wire. Unless you can find someone that has been a JBL warranty station and still has a couple 2215 kits laying around(unlikely, because of their wholesale cost), the voice coils will not be flat wound, as the OEMs were/are. Sometimes, the originals can be recovered, if the reconer cares to take the time and trouble(and providing they weren’t toasted). Then again- I suppose today’s parts providers may be making flat wound coils. If not the 2215’s Thiele-Small parameters will be changed considerably.  Some of JBL's voice coils could be interchanged, if your cone/surround can be savaged. Check with these guys: (http://reconingspeakers.com/product/jbl-2235h-c8r2235-recone-kit/) or (http://www.soundspeakerrepair.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SSR&Product_Code=J...)
Try contacting "Simply Speakers" on the internet. I have used their kits with success. Speakers can be re-coned without disturbing the voice coil, check it out. Also, just today I wrote down the address of a JBL Service Facility in Berkeley, California. They claim to have been in business for 34 years. The address is 1345-A Martin Luther King Way (near Rose), in Berkeley. Best of luck with your project.
The name of that Berkeley JBL facility is Audivex. The phone number is (510) 527-1391.
Thanks for the responses.  I have relayed this information to my friend, and he is very appreciative.  I think he will contact the local-to-him Berkeley facility first and work outward from there.

This was my first large speaker system.  2215's w/passive radiators and a TAD compression high end.  Really kicked with modest electronics.  I hope the 2215s can be brought back to life.

If not mistaken for what your going to pay for recones you can buy on the bay ready to go with original cones..not such a great speaker to begin with IMO..much better options out there for what your going to spend
missioncoonery-thanks for the response.  A quick look on EBAY reminded me that there are foam surround repair kits.  Might be the ticket.
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