Where can I get Aluminum cones?

I am looking for ones about 1.5" high. I used to get mine from TG Audio, but can no longer. Audio Advisor used to have Michell Tenderfeet but they only carry the short ones now.

Seems one can get brass cones anywhere, but not aluminum. I prefer the sound of aluminum.

You might consider the VPI aluminum cones that are used on the Scout/Scoutmaster/Aries turntables. They are just over 1.5" tall, and are threaded. They can be purchased direct from VPI, or from online stores such as Elusive Disk (click on following link):
Thank you. I appreciate the info. They're downright cheap, too!
Hi Jeff

If you're still looking for aluminum cones, UHF Audio magazine up in Quebec, Canada still sells the JA Michell Tenderfeet in various heights and finishes. Their website is http://www.uhfmag.com/. They sell them mail order through their audiophile store. Hope this helps.