Zoethecus cones

Does anyone know of a source for genuine Zoethecus cones or at least ones that look identical? I have three Zoethecus racks; one came with cones; two did not, and for cosmetic and functional reasons I'd like them to look the same.
try oregondv.com.
I posted a response earlier this morning and it never showed up. I'll try again. Try oregondv.com. They have a lot of cones of different sizes.
Hi, I happen to have a set of cones from a Zoethecus amp stand that was damaged in shipping. In all honesty though the spikes from the link that Roxy54 provided look a lot nicer. I would go with the 1.5" cones with 5/16" threads. If you really want the originals let me know.


If Skreich is not interested in them I definitely would be. If the amp stand had a Z slab, I would also be interested in purchasing that depending on size. Tom
Hi Classic 95,

Yes, I'd be very interested. I assume the cones are OK, even though the rack was damaged. Would you email me at skreich@comcast.net and let me know what you want for them? Thanks.

Hey Lostbears, I'm going to give Skreich the first option on the cones since it's his thread but yes I do also have the z-slab. It's the square one 18 3/4 x 18 3/4. It did sustain some minor shipping damage (a couple of scratches on top, what looks like electrical tape around the edge got chewed up a bit, and a corner chipped on the bottom) but all in all I think it would be pretty presentable once in the rack with a component on top. I was using it under an amp for a while and it didn't bother me.