Zoethecus amp stand

Anyone knows the price and how it stack up to other amp stands? Thanks in advance.

You've asked a question quite akin to what does a Cheverolet cost and how does it stack up against other cars?

Bill E.
If I could afford one I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. IMO it's one of the nicer stands out there. They usually recommended that you custom order the stand to suit your needs, as the shelves are not ajustable. I know they use the highest quality wood and craftsmanship plus there is some kind of slab under the shelf that helps with vibration. Check out there web-site. At $2000.00 a pop I think you'd be very happy with this rack, though I myself have never owned one.
Since you do not state the size you need i will give you some general prices.

Amp stands $615 - $640 and they come standard with the Z slab which is what makes these stands sonically magic.

Double amp stands $1200 - $1249

Racks from 2 shelf to 6 shelf $569 - $1682 this does not include shelves they range from $34 a shelf just MDF 1" thick, Z pod $140 a shelf, and the Z slab $200 a shelf.

Needless to say for source components you want the Z slabs.

These racks are gorgeous and come with huge cones but what makes them sparkle are the Z slabs a nine layer shelf that really eliminates resonance. When I first got my Zoethecus racks and shelves in the showroom my good friend Caelin Gabriel from Shunyata Research felt that they improved my system more than anything that I had ever done.

He of course had never gone through all the steps of setting up my system. But I will say that they did more than anything that I had ever done other than adding a line conditioner and great powercords. They improved the sound in every single aspect and no other rack that I had ever used had the same effect.

Hope this helps. Great quality racks make a huge difference after all it is resonance control and the great looks make the wife happy.
I own both an amp and component stand and would buy them again in a heartbeat. To me these are the best out there. As a matter of fact I'm about to add a second amp stand! Is it costly, yes, is it worth it, yes. Like a dealer once told me you only cry once, that's when you have to pay for it. After that you're happy.
The zoethecus amp stand is a nice addition if you are looking for an amp stand.
Mine replaced a sound anchor, which is also good, but the zoethecus is a great piece.
Zoethecus makes two different audio equipment stands, one for amps and one for other electonics. The essential difference is the amp stand has double crossbars which give greater support to heavier devices. I own one double amp stand and two component stands; one a triple and one a quadruple.

The shelves for amp stands are all the same, except for size. There are three shelf types available for component stnads. I have only the zpods for both.

I find that they are very solid, quiet and as good looking as "equipment stands" seem to be. Yes, I know, there are the drop dead good looking ones that a new car is slightly cheaper than. One upgrade I found was brass feet which seem to improve mid-bass slightly.

I have had other stands and likely will stay with Zoethecus in the future. It seems that others have answered the price thing.

I've never heard nor read anyone trashing a Zoethecus stand.

Bill E.
Thanks for your responses. I will contact Zoethecus to find out if they are available here on the other side of the pond. The shipping would probably be a bit too pricey from the states.