Zoethecus Cone - Long Shot

I'm looking for one cone for a 5 shelf Zoethecus audio rack. The bolt for the one I have is bent, consequently, I can't fully screw the cone into the insert. The diameter of the cone's bolt is .7mm.



While it's unlikely that you can find someone with just the right cone any other footer manufacturer should be able to male you up a set of cones with the right threads on the associated bolts. For example BDR offer threaded cones (not necessarily endorsing a CF cone btw but just as an example) http://www.bdrsound.com

First step is to take the thread of a good cone down the hardware store so you can find out what exactly it is as there are a variety in use -- my stand manufacturer makes footers with options for the range of common threads -- see https://www.grandprixaudio.com/product-page/apex-levelers

Anyway good luck -- look at this as a way to get a better solution than the OEM!
Thanks for the information, I have the exact specs on the bolt size after another trip to the hardware store. I’ll check out bdrsound and others to see what I can come up with. Appreciate your reply. Thanks again...

 Not all Zoethecus cones are the same thread size. I have 2 Zoethecus 4 shelf stands. When I moved, I found that the thread size was not the same on both racks. The cones were not interchangeable.

I have seen cones for sale on occasion on Ebay. But aftermarket  is a good way to go. I don't think there is anything special about the cones. BTW at least one of my  Zoethecus racks came with both cones and sliders.

I knew it would be highly improbable to find a replacement. I didn't know the thread sizes would be different, especially on the racks. I suspect my best option is to a new set of cones/spikes for this rack.  
I was able to have a machine shop repair the bent bolt. I appreciate the responses and info provided. Thanks again, Skip