Comparing Bel Canto and Schiit DACs

I've just picked up a brand new Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby). The company only gives you 15 days for in-home trial before you lose the opportunity to return it. As it's not quite broken in yet, does anybody know how it may compare to for instance a similarly priced used Bel Canto DAC 2.7 once broken in?

Andbaron how many days before they ship your Gumby? I ordered one last Wednesday.Laura said it will be ship end of this week, 
I did not look for other brand I have a good experience with Thetha where Mike Moffat use to be, theta do knows what they are doing.No initial impression on Gumby yet?
I have no experience with Bel Canto, but lots with Schiit.
The Gungnir is no slouch and comes close to my Ayre Codex.
Unfortunately, Schiit Dac's need some time to open up and 15 days is just when it does it's metamorphosis.
If I were you, I would let the Schiit run (pun intended), and if you really think you want to try a Bel Canto, do so. The worst is that you sell it. Schiit sells (yet, another pun). Though I have to say, at least Schiit offers upgrades to their equipment. I don't know about Bel Canto.
My gungnir has only toslink or coax in- how best to connect my Fiio5x3(uses 3.5 out) to input spotify tunes. Ive never seen a 3.5 to coax cable
My old bel canto dac had rca in from my cd player, no rca in's on schiit gungnir. schiit is lot less usefull and using toslink from that high end cd player, bel canto sound is , disappointingly, far superior with the bel canto dac from 9 years ago.
I’ve just picked up a brand new Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby). The company only gives you 15 days for in-home trial before you lose the opportunity to return it. As it’s not quite broken in yet, does anybody know how it may compare to for instance a similarly priced used Bel Canto DAC 2.7 once broken in?

OP, 15 days is plenty of time for the evaluation. Despite what others may have you believe, it doesn’t need days on end of break-end. Don’t just take my word for it, ask Schiit.

I’ve can attest to the high quality of the Bel Canto DACs, I’ve had the e.One 2.5 DAC for 4-5 years now.

You can get the 2.5 now, used, for under $1000, an incredible deal for the price. Also has PreAmp capabilities and Multiple Ins/outs. The only drawback is the synchronous USB 24/96 digital in. I just use a USB/SPDIF converter anyway.

The newer e.One 2.7 DAC is better still, with a new power supply, Asynchronous USB 24/192 in, Headphone amp doubles in power. Newer clocks I believe. Used ones are $1400. Great value

i love the Schitt products, never had their DACs, i have the Lyra 2, etc
I've not heard the Shiit DAC, but I've had both the Bel Canto DAC3 and the DAC3 VB in my system.  What I can tell you is that the VBS (virtual battery supply) makes a HUGE improvement in sound and that its performance is incredible -- read the reviews (or the DAC3.5 or 3.7 VB).  If you go Bel Canto, do it with a model with the VBS.  No brainer. 
Thanks everybody. I think for now I'll keep the Schiit. I haven't really given it a fair chance in 15 days, and I can always sell it down the road if it lets me down. Bel Canto seems like a good move to make if it comes to that.
andbaron -
I didn’t respond to your initial post because I’ve no experience with the Bel Canto DAC. But seeing as you decided to go with the Gungnir, I thought I’d comment. I’ve had a Gungnir for a couple of years now. Initially, it sounded a bit dark and closed in. It did take a good while (a month? listening 3-5 hrs per day) to open up. The MB upgrade wasn’t even offered when I purchased it as B-stock from Audio Advisor. Prior to the upgrade I’d say it was very competent but somewhat "dry" sounding...nothing really "magical" about the sound with it in the system. Not that huge a step up from a much less expensive MF V-DAC. After the upgrade however, it was like a different and much better piece. Big gains in detail retrieval, imaging, and especially "tone". It has contributed to a more engaging and enjoyable listening experience. No doubt there are better DACs out there, but I’m not feeling any inclination to replace it.
Ghosthouse, I got my Gumby yesterday , although they are backordered, They are nice enough to send me one.Initial impression it’s very good, I also requested them  to put me first, if there is a return. This is a keeper...
JC - hope the Gungnir MB works out well in your system.  Good luck!
@ghosthouse ,
Thanks for posting your review on the updated Gungnir. I have a non multibit one that I was debating having upgraded. Now I know I will do it.
gdnrbob - You are very welcome.  I think I posted comments previously on another thread too.  In my O-pinion, there's an advantage to having lived with the non-MB version for a while and becoming familiar with it's "sound" and then doing the upgrade subsequently.  Hopefully you will be as "knocked out" as I by the improvement.  Money well spent (and I am the poster-child for "frugal").  Good luck.  I'll be interested in reading your impressions when you get it done.

So far the Gumby it gets better and better everyday, I only have it since 2/13...I used the xlo cd burn in, I don’t leave it 24/7 on. Iam very please on what Iam hearing works well with my system...

Glad things are working out.  
You do what you are comfortable with, of course but FWIW I leave the Gungnir on 24/7.  Apart from the very infrequent need to unplug it briefly for a move or whatever, it's been on for months and months...years even.  I tend to leave all my solid state gear powered up but muted and/or volume turned all the way down when not in use.  

See post #874 on this thread...

Yes, glad to read things are working out to your expectations. That said, my personal belief is that the Schiit DAC products do *not* need the extensive burn in period that most users typically report. It could be that your perception of it "getting better and better every day" is nothing more than your getting used to the sound. Nothing wrong in that though, as my experience is that the sound is terrific, authentic, etc. 
Gdhal True Iam getting use on the sound, what I mean by getting better and better everyday is , it opens up more, like bass, highs, a bit of extension , it becomes more clearer, this Gumby is good, I can sense analog touch on the sound...
If it’s true Gumby is 90% of yagdrassil , maybe that’s the reason why is so good...after four days , Iam really impressed on this Gumby, is it worth to get me onother yagdrassil for $2399 for my main system or just sticks with Gumby.The thing I like about Gumby is the analog sound and more,it has big sound stage on my system.
I'm sure the Gumby is competent, but I have a hard time believing that it is 90% of the Yggy. Very hard. 

Not to harp on this point, but for anyone interested, Bel Canto historically produced (very good) tube products, built around the human voice. They stopped building tube products, and now they create units with Class D. No, its not all tube-sounding, and I would not want it to be. But "musical", natural, fast, and "involving" would be proper descriptors. 

Didn't they divide off into Bel Canto and Wavelength?
1graber2 , me too , maybe 90% too high, there is also a comparison , by audiofriends it was a blind testing, they choose the Gumby 2x thinking it was yagdrassil....
FWIW and just my .02 regarding Gumby vs Yggy prior to my purchasing the Yggy I asked Schiit what the difference is. They replied that only the power supply was the differentiator . However, if you check the specs on their website the two use different DAC chips, with different bit depth capability.