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Pass Labs Speaker Choices
Int60 with Daedalus audio Apollo V2 speakers. Amp @ 96db sensitivity, and never leaves class A.   
Pass Labs Int 25 vs Int 60
I’ve owned both the xa25 and now the Int60.  they are both impressive amps in their own right. I settled on the integrated 60 as it it has a sweeter sound and a deeper sound stage and more luscious sounding. I also appreciate the passive volume co... 
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
Why does one have to be better than the other? They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Maybe you should listen to something created by a good designer of transistors to educate your bias. Just look at Nelson pass, I guess he will never ... 
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
Nostalgia always sounds better, until you listen to it.  
@woowoo  I have neck injuries from the pro4AA’s , also bought back in the 70’s. Heavyweights .   
Schiit Freya+(Plus)
@alymere  Very similar experiences, I have the modi multibit, Yggdrasil, Loki, Magni, Freya+, Aegir And others I gave as gifts.  the Yggy is a permanent fixture in my main rig.. The Freya+ sits on the shelf, the others are in my 2nd setup. While... 
@three_easy_payments  I concur with your post above 100%.  I built a pass labs designed Amp, the ACA. I have a modi multibit, and use a Magni for a volume control. Speakers are a pair of NHT super ones from 23+ years ago.. I have this setup on my... 
@mijostyn  Fortunately the audio journey isn’t all ego. I’m old and speaking from experience, I agree with what you said to a point. Yet decades later, I only care about the music and not being competitive or owning a trophy system.   
How important Is shielding with RCA wires? (Ethan Winer, new video)
@stringreen  shielding block lots of RF noises and such..  someone on YouTube used a device to listen to his cables.. he was picking up broadcasts from AM and all kinds of noise..  shielding makes sense with low signal cables..  
Two Sources, One DAC
I use my DAC like a preamp for source switching.. since my linestage doesn’t have source switching.. most DAC’s have multiple input types..  
Which taps?
+1 for @three_easy_payments ..    
Advice needed on power cables, wall warts, conditioning, electrical outlet
I would personally ditch the furman and use a BPIT, balanced power isolation transformer. Balanced power works via physics, CMR, common mode rejection. It’s not snake oil, it’s simple and proven.  Just use the right sized unit and allow for headro... 
What makes the biggest difference in sound quality?
@ted_denney Given the choices you outlined, I would say interconnects first, speaker wire second, then PC’s. Never played with fuses, so I can’t say..    
What makes the biggest difference in sound quality?
@nickatnoon61  You do realize this is an audiophile forum, don’t you ?      
I bought the Loki for my 2nd system, out of curiosity mostly… Since I have a few recordings that sound muddy in some places. With a twist or two of the knobs.. it really does “fix” some of the recording downfalls..  making for a more pleasing list...