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DAC upgrade suggestion
R2R dacs don’t measure as well but DO sound better !!  At least the ones I heard..  Try the Schiit Modi Multibit or the bifrost..  I have the Yggdrasil and the modi multibit dac.. both are excellent sounding and make digital sound like analog musi... 
Seems like a great Yggy deal
I have the Yggdrasil GS and think it’s fantastic !!  If I ever get tired of it or think it would be better with analog 2 cards, I can have it upgraded in the future..  but I find it wonderfully musical the way it is...  and With the savings, I bou... 
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
15K for a pre amp...  how much of that is just Jewelery for looks ?Schiit Freya + is all you need.. spend the  $14.1K Left over on music.. 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
I owned a pair of Von Schweikert VR-7s for 17 years before I sold them.. They were simply wonderful once setup properly..  I now own the Daedalus Athena Speakers after downsizing and losing my dedicated audio room..  These are sounding pretty good... 
What is the average dealer mark up?
No wonder manufacturers are selling directly more than ever these days.. they can lower their price and still make more money.   
Harbeth 40.2
I was going to get the 40.2 harbeth speakers..  but I couldn’t get past the boxy looks.. The 17” width and stands.. just wouldn’t work well in my room..  I was still going to get them based on the sound quality..  I then discovered the Daedalus Au... 
Suggestions for an Analog Front-End
Schiit SOL turntable.. 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
I bought two Schiit Aegir Monoblocks for less than the price I paid for a pair of speaker cables..  Class A sound using a new continuity circuit designed in house..  tube like attributes without the Tubes ! Why spend more ?  You should hear how go... 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Schiit Freya+ is all you need.. 3 preamps in one..  SQ is excellent, clean and detailed.. Not a lush tubey exaggerated sound, but a modern tube sound without the bloating that some tubes preamps offer. A 128 stepped Resistive attenuation is used !... 
New to audio. Is there a good DAC that can produce layers of sound?
I recently purchased the Schiit Yggdrasil for that very reason. It has the ability to deliver detail without being too analytical and yet remains musical.  I have the Cary 306 SACD I also use as a DAC and player and its very warm sounding but lack... 
CD Player vs. music streaming
I'm setup to do both.. But I ripped all my CD's and stream them more than I listen to CD's.  I consider my CD's as Backup for my HD music collection. 
Upgrade DAC for an Oppo BDP103
Yes... A good external  DAC can make digital sound more musically involving.. schiit audio has some great choices for little money considering the type of DAC you’re getting..   
Roger Alan Modjeski (RAM) 1951 - 2019
Condolences to family and friends, he will be missed 
Should I sell my accuphase for this schiit
Try the schiit..  I have some of their gear and it's top notch stuff.. especially for the price! I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 
PS Audio PowerPlant P20 better than pure direct AC I get during the night?
I had a 20 amp equitech for a number of years and it was great.. I now have the 15 amp core power equi core 1800. It supplies plenty of power for all my components. Runs totally quiet and cool. Makes a huge difference in the noise floor. worth loo...