Clint Eastwood


a general question & not & not sure this is right place?

I was listening to the Soundtrack of Bridges of Madison County & Johnny Hartman

Knowing that Clint is a big jazz fan 
Any idea " what his system is "that he listens to , to make the great Soundtracks


Ye gotta be kiddin’ me

He’s got personal recording studio so he ain’t got any room for audiophile toys. He wrote lots of movie scores and he’s an excellent pianist who played with many noble jazz musicians of 50’s...60’s.

One of the brightest scores and movies is certainly Unforgiven.

When I was speaking with Phil Jones a couple of months ago he mentioned that Clint Eastwood was using speakers he had designed.  can't remember the exact model but recall they were very pricey
I've always admired Clint - - after reading the posts above, even more so.
Rumor has it, Clint's stereo is sooooooo cool it takes two weeks to warm up and for power has its own power substation!  
I love Unforgiven, one of my favorite movies of the modern era. Gran Torino, too. Hard to believe he's a Republican ;-).
Did Clint believe in fuse directionality?

Geoff--Nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog.
He is a Vegan now and has been one for a few yrs.
I think he likes ketchup on his tofu dogs.
Great, kdude.  Now, I'll never be able to watch a Clint Eastwood movie without picturing him chillin' in some monster music room listening to Coltrane on some monster stereo while chowing on a ketchup-slathered tofu dog.  Thanks for that.
Boy, I'm glad I asked this question!!

Anyway, I called Clint directly and he said you guys a full of hoey!!

Ill be going to his house to listen.

He has my exact system......


He owns a Rockport turntable...according to Wiki.
His son Kyle uses Phil Jones bass amps. I don't recall if Clint ever endorsed anything in audio in particular.
I remember he was asked about desert island records and he said Oscar Peterson records would be his first choice. 
Go ahead make my day.

hard to imagine Dirty Hary's Magnum in hands of a pianist LOL!

There have been plenty of killer pianists over the years.

No doubt, @wolf_garcia , Harry Connick Jr really kills me and so is Michel Camillo

His most famous amp is a custom DH Callahan S&W 29. 
shooters muffs don't look great in western movies so his hearing is probably shot to heck and no matter what his system costs, he he probably can't hear it anyway..
Here is a photo of his setup