Classic Sub For A Reasonable Price

So, I'm looking for a classic and classy sounding sub that can be had for a steal.  I've been hunting down Carver Sunfire Signature Ture Subs, with a little luck, but some owners reluctant to ship.  Any other suggestions of excellent tight fast deep musical subs to be had for a few hundos?
Thanks!  Actually interested in hearing suggestions for make/model of sub.  I have a Carver True Sub Architechtural that has been a workhorse for years in my modest HT set-up.  Looking for a capable sub for the HiFi which goes down into the mid teen Hz as teh Sunfires do.
Hsu has several subs that will do this. My last apartment I had fantastic 16Hz to 80 Hz that would rattle your pants and let you caress an oboe.
There is a seller on ebay who used to sell these. It one of his specialties.  corvettec62005 is the user name.  Perhaps he may help.
I had one of those Sunfire subs and it was the worst sub I've ever owned.  It sounded like a little fart machine. 

What's your idea of a "steal" (what's your budget)?  How big is your room?  Do you plan to use it for music only?

As someone else mentioned, keep an eye on CL.  I've bought a few subs there that were good deals.