CJ ACT2 vs C2200

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I recently switched by Preamp from the Mcintosh 2200 to the CJ ACT2. The Power AMP is still the same the Mcintosh MC320 driving Sonus Faber Elipsas. I noticed that to get the same volume I have to raise the CJ ACT 2 to 65db as opposed to about 45 on  the C2200 (I am not sure if the units are the same) . Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is so?
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the CJ will present a different gain compared to Mac. If your ACT2 is the basic model, strongly consider upgrading to the Series 2 status.
Keep me posted as you massage this pre into your system.
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Jafant, sounds like he just got this one.  Why would he upgrade???  Come on.   
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All, thanks for the replies. Kalali it is the MC302 - that was a typo. Jalant I will look at the upgrade. Thanks for the tip.
I ma now looking at swapping out the MC302 for a CJ2550 or 2550 SE. I have heard that the 2550SES could overpower the "warmth" of the sound with "detail".  Any thoughts on this?
I have a CJ MF2550 (not the SE) and it is a nice warm sounding amp, but not real detail oriented.
Thanks stereo5 I am going ahead with the SE. Spoke to Ralph at spearit and his view was that after about 300 hours of breaking it in, the music actually is enhanced by the detail. Will update after I get it. I will be able to do a side by side comparison against the MC302.
My pleasure dravid1
The CJ upgrades are phenomenal. You will enjoy the SE version.
Keep me posted. Happy Listening!