McIntosh c2200 v. c220

Dear Audiogon community,

I've narrowed my pre-amp hunt down to two contenders: a new c220 or an used c2200. The price will be similar. Unfortunately, I cannot audition either. And, the professional reviews are all over the place. I am hoping I can get advice from someone who has listened to one or both of these preamps. I am using a MC275 MK VI for an amp. Thank you in advance.
I had a C2200, my first Mc piece. It was referred to my by Frank Gow (RIP)and he stated that was his favorite McIntosh piece. I bought it, replaced the lamps with LEDs (a kit from Audio Classics). The C2200 was at one time the best tube preamp McIntosh offered. I have not owned the C220, but now own the C2300 (traded my C2200 for it). Tne MC275 will mate very well with the C2200, which is what I would recommend between the two preamps. The C220 is the entry-level rpe in the McIntosh lineup.