Chris Isaacs

What is/are the cds I should own of his? Something about that voice of his. thanks in advance...warren :)
One of his absolute best releases (the whole album!) is the "Baja Sessions", AND it's an HDCD release, (so is "Speak of the Devil" BTW)
Another one: "Heart Shaped World"

I second "Heart Shaped World" In my system the Lp is a refrence recording.
The album that turned me on to him was Forever Blue. How does that stack up against your suggestions? I'm on it. I'll do an Amazon search. Thanks guys. It's a start. peace, warren :)
My fav is "San Francisco Days" but they're all great.
Just got Baja and Heart Shaped for $5.50 on Amazon. And that's for both.
For the record, it's Chris Isaak.
I second "San Francisco Days"
And don't ever miss an opportunity to see him live... he and his band really cook!
He also used to have a sitcom show on Showtime cable that just showed him and the band hangin and dealing with every day life. he also acts,he plays one of the police officers who are called when hanibal lecter escapes.
All very good selections and I have them all but my vote would go to "Wicked Game", Import CD. Happy Listening!
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