Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman LP's

There are seemingly numerous pressings/labels of the Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman LP. Well known, of course ,is the MFSL Japanese pressing and the UHQR version .
What are the various pressings/ hot stampers that you like and which one's are to stay away from?
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Original US brown label A&M pressing or UK Island will be the best values and some prefer them to the MOFI; I agree and wouldn't pay the going price for a MOFI pressing.

The UHQR pressing is terrific but grossly overpriced IMO.

Imagine how many pieces of vinyl you could buy for the price of one UHQR.
What a coincidence, I just listened to this record last night.
Mine is the original brown A&M label. Sounds fantastic, easily available for around $5-10 at used record stores. No need to spend more IMO.
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If your a fan you might want to look for a limited edition of the full soundtrack for "Harold and Maude" Lp box that had a number of tracks only on movie soundtrack.Hoping they come out with CD of same (maybe have) because it was a like a 1000 or 2000 pressing and got snapped up.I got it online with crappy sound for free but would love the LP.
The UK Island pressing I recently purchased is an excellent pressing and I prefer it the MOFI pressing.
i reinforce Rwwear's recommendation. i have one of tom's copies (a brown label) and it shreds all 8 or 10 other copies i have, including the uhqr.
I own the brown label, UK reissue and the MoFi. The brown sounds the best. The UK reissue sounds to be recorded in a different key (listen closely to the intro of "Sad Lisa"). I do like what the MoFi brings to the recording too (although it can sound a bit thin).
You can't make any version of this album sound less than 'really good'. CD's too.
This thread brings back memories: I bought my brand new UHQR copy of "Tea for the Tillerman" in the late 1980's from the closeout bin of a record store. They were moving out LP's to make room for CD's. I still remember a sign on the closeout bin that said "Remember These". The sign almost make me puke. Don't remember exactly what I paid but I think it was 15 or 20 bucks. My friends thought I was crazy.
I went through a lot of copies trying to find an LP that wasn't overly noisy.

I eventually caved and bought a used UHQR and don't regret it, it sounds amazing and is very quiet.
I sold my MOFI copy after A/B with an original US pressing.
This has been the case with about 90% of early/original vs MOFI.

The oldies but goodies are out there for reasonable $$.
I have had orig Brown label, orig UK press and a japanese (later) pressing of this record, all in excellent conditions (almost as new), I felt that my original A&M WLP (white label promo) had the edge...and that's the copy I've kept. I do believe that slight sound variations can be heard when A/B even different copies of seemingly 'same pressings'...

Once I heard the UHQR on a way more expensive system than what I have, and wasn't impressed (ok - it was very QUIET...but kinda lifeless IMHO...)...
The promo should be the best since it is a very early generation disc.
I now own an original UK Island pressing along with a US A&M and a MFSL. The Island is terribly noisy, I guess I bought a pristine looking LP that must have had a LOT of wear by the previous owner... a pity as the potential is there. The MFSL is a lot quieter than my A&M and digs deeper in the bass, although seems a little phasey?
Strange effect on a MFSL!