Casual PC speakers for music

Hey guys , I am new to this audio thingy. Here are 4 speakers I chose with a quick research. I will pair them with a creative sound blaster Z .
Which one would you get? Also more recommendations are welcome . Thank you!

(the price range ofc is somewhat 300-350 as you can tell :) )

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" audio thingy"?
Try that Amazon thingy ...
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It's likely nobody here is familiar with those speakers. In general this site is about higher-end audio. Look for reviews. Also check Steve Guttenberg's Youtube videos for decent inexpensive computer speakers.

Who cares if other people don't like sound cards. They're not answering your question anyway, just trying to make it about themselves. It's your computer, do as you wish.
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I think Logitech has a nicely reviewed set of desktop speakers you should consider too.
Those Yamahas get decent reviews.

Also, you might try Audioengine A2+ or A5+. Those are simply phenomenal.

Btw - ignore the snarkiness and enjoy the music.
I listen to Audioengine A2+ speakers at work all day through the internal DAC.  They're pretty good for small computer speakers.  The angled stands are a must if you can't have a proper taller stand.  I just added them they make a big difference.
these Audioengine are over my budget unfortunately. But thanks for your suggestion! So in general speakers must stand higher than the desk? Or even have to have space behind them? 
The speakers should be at ear level; you can put a few shims or something like those under the front of each speaker so they tilt up at your ears.

Room behind is a bit important important; you don't want them right against the wall. give them as much space as you can while still keeping them parallel with your monitor.

Try Ebay for the A2+.  Good details abound.
I wouldn't worry too much about the speaker setup. It's not high-end audio. They're on your computer desk. Put them where they fit and sound good and you're done.
"Edifier" R1700s or whatever they're called now are astonishing $150 powered bluetooth or direct connection speakers. Bought a pair for my daughter and was amazed at how good they are when I heard 'em at her place. Supplied with remote, tone controls, and can play loud if need be. 
Put them where they fit and sound good and you're done.

Just like any speaker, they won't sound nearly as good as they can unless you place them properly.  I just went through this.  There's a huge difference that costs virtually nothing.  I adjust the toe of my desktop speakers every now and then just for a slightly different presentation.  It all matters!
Thanks for everything guys. I think i'll stick with the Audioengine a5+ as someone suggested.