Capacitance and mathematics

If a 1-meter pair of interconnects with certain RCAs has a listed capacitance of X, can one safely assume that the capacitance of a 5-meter pair (with the same RCAs) will be no more than 5X?
-- Howard
Read this tutorial on capacitance.
If you're not confused after that,then throw in the several different methods that manufacturers use to determine the capacitance of their wires.So, to answer your question,I have no idea!!Maybe you can contact the specific manufacturer and query them,but,how would you know if what they tell you is correct or just something they came up with using a "secret" formula?Again,I have no idea!!Those cable guys are sneaky and very secretive!!Good luck.
for the most part you are correct in your asumptions , good luck.
Confused, indeed. (By the Wikipedia entry, that is.) And hopeful about my assumptions. Thanks.
Yes, your assumption is correct.

Just be sure, of course, that the capacitance specified for the 1 meter pair is its total capacitance, and not capacitance per foot which is sometimes what is specified.

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-- Al
Cable manufacturers who reveal capacitance do so as a per foot or per meter metric, without any connectors. Connectors will add capacitance, more or less based on their design.