Recommend some low capacitance ics for my system.

Ive decided on the Luminous Audio Axiom passive pre for my Monarchy SM70pro amp. A Music Hall mmf cd25 and Philips 963 are my sources. Can you guys please recommend a low capacitance cable for under $100. I need a 2ft run. Im currently using Synergistic Research Alpha Sterlings that sound all disjointed. I switched them out for cheap red and white rcas and the sound improved. Any suggestions?
Talk to Frank at signal cable gon user ID Frank9740 or check out, their solid silver cables shouls give you a low capacitance, higly detailed cable. I used to use the homegrown stuff anf it worked great, i have since upgreaded to chord signature interconnect. Good luck
I think any cable with conductors around 22-26 gauge with low impedance characteristics and doesn't try to go overboard on the cable shielding will do. Magwire or VH Pulsars are some examples judging from their product description and are readily available.