Can I nominate Sean please ?

Someone mentioned that Sean was the" Audio Altruist of the Year" in a thread I was reading tonight.This was due to his exhaustive generosity in sharing his knowlege with everyone so unselfishly and so often. I responded in agreement in the thread but felt it should be reintroduced . I have learned more in 6 months reading past discussions he was involved in than 10 years of talking with audio salespeople who ooze misinformation at every gasp and audio journalism with commercial agendas. I too nominate Sir Sean as " Audio Altruist of the Year " . Honorable mentions go out to others who also give of themselves and who I follow as well. These are but a few : Albertporter , Dekay , Detlof , Gunbei , Psychicanimal , TWL , Phasecorrect , Sugarbrie , tok2000 , Tireguy , Mejames , subarguru , zaikesman , Stehno and Mike Lavigne. For those I forgot or left out ; my apologies. So here is a toast to you Sean; may we all stay in touch and be friends .
You divided me by 10.



WOW !?!?! What can i say ??? To say that such recognition is not liked would be silly. At the same time, i don't do what i do in hopes of receiving anything out of it other than the joy of being able to help others out AND learn from others experiences / points of view. I feel HIGHLY honoured to say the least and consider myself in great company if i am thought of as being in the same league as the others mentioned. Even if we have disagreed about specific subjects at times, i think that we all share the same love of music and respect each others' thoughts and opinions.

Other than that, it is too bad that there isn't some "local joint" that all of us on Agon could get together, hang out and have a few coffee's / cocktails and listen to music / check out gear. Since we don't have anything like that at our disposal, i guess that we'll have to settle for this : )

THANK YOU Arnie & crew for making all of this possible. THANKS to everyone that contributes to these forums. After all, without the diversity of opinions and experiences that are expressed here, there wouldn't be anything to learn or share : ) Sean

PS... How much money do i owe you for this Brent ? : )

My sentiments exactly.
This two-channel bug has bitten me pretty hard to the point where, over the last year or so, I have been printing out and reading MANY old threads in this forum. The names listed above have repeatedly contributed exceptional advice.
Thank you to all.

It's nice to see people giving credit where credit is due instead of always pointing out the negative. How much did you end up paying Brent Sean? I will have to budget that much for next year! LOL! But be careful of those Tireguy and Mike LaVigne characters, getting too close to them can cost you money.
Are you sure it wasn't fiddy cent?
Sean, I just hope that somehow, we've managed to give you as much as you've given us. Indeed, my growth as an audiophile can be directly traced to some of the most prolific posters on this site, and that list would *definitely* include you.
And here I thought we were going to be adding his name to the gubanatorial race in California....
Wow, I too thought we were gonna nominate Sean for the California Gubenatorial Race, but after reading Sean's "acceptance speech", heheh maybe he should be getting an Oscar or a Nobel Prize!

Brainwater, thanks for putting me in such fine company, I'm very flattered. I have no problem being Gary Coleman to Sean's Arnold Schwarzenegger even if he thinks I have a funny wedged head, heheh. ;-]

Many of the people you mentioned have helped me greatly as well. Who knew when I first got into the high end audio game that I'd be so absorbed by it today. Audiogon has proven to be a great audio sanctuary for sharing information and making friends!

Now if we could only get Sean to post even just one of his four or five systems on Audiogon, we'd have a better idea of his politics so we could get him in the next round of California Gubenatorial debates!
Yes,I'd like to see Seans virtual system also.
It's easy to do and quick.
Lets see what you have Sean.

I always enjoyed Albert Porter's and Kelly's posts....I wish Albert would post more often.
Hey Kelly,come out from the cornfields and say 'hey'
Kudos for recognizing some of the folks that make this site a rewarding and interesting experience. I've learned more here in a few years than I ever thought possible, and equally importantly found out there's a bunch of 'philes out there worse than me! *whew* what a relief hehehehe

As for Kelly, he still has the honour of the best quote:

"you're not an audiophile until you rent a ditch witch for a weekend"
jeffloistarca , you happen to be one of the ones I did not mention in this thread. You are one of that group we honor as well.
I'm just a newbie that does alot more reading than posting, but I have to agree...Sean is "The Man"...and all the honorable mentions are quite impressive contributors also.
There really is allot of disinformation "out there." Almost all of what I've learned about this hobby has been from the good folks on the Gon, especially the illustrious group mentioned here on this post. I too am a newbie and do allot more reading than posting- but I try to contribute as much as I can (usually subjects pertaining to music). I leave the technical side of this hobby to the experts above and truly appreciate their inputs. Thank you.
At the risk of offending all the other really great contributors (Zaikesman, Albert Porter, Roy, etc. (what happened to Bear and Audio Engineer ?)) I too, really appreciate Sean's contributions. Thanks!
A local joint to hang around, Sean? Really? Perhaps it would be interesting to the readers here to know that you couldn't even bother to respond to my email, which was my attempt to strike up an audiophile friendship with a fellow Chicagoan. With this in mind, I would hardly nominate Sean for an altruism award.
Wow Kevziek, I can see why Sean wasn't interested! Hey Sean thanks for inviting me down, next time I'm in town we'll get together!
Kevziek: Do you know how many emails a day that i get ? Do you realize that not all emails always reach their intended destinations ? Have you ever thought that both servers and end users run into computer problems and experience glitches ?

Having said that, it sometimes takes me several days to get back to some folks that email me with casual conversation. Those that are looking for specific help in a situation, i try to get back to ASAP since they might be in a time-sensitive situation. Even with that, i sometimes am slow to respond on follow-ups due to trying to have a personal life, listen to some music, make some progress on my various projects, contribute / respond to these forums, etc...

This doesn't even take into account the fact that i also run a business and receive emails pertaining to that aspect of my life. At one point in time, i was averaging appr 85 emails a day that were work related. Since that is how i make my living, those take precedence over most everything else. Bare in mind that this does not include sorting through spam, etc...

As such, i'm sorry if your email got lost in the shuffle. I'm sure that there are plenty out here that can attest that i at least "try" to work with them on email. I might not be the fastest and i might need a few "prods" here and there, but i do what i can. I am sorry if you feel "slighted" or "blown off". Did you ever think to send another email or two or post a request for me to contact you in these forums "just in case" i was having email problems ?

With posts like this and having to deal with dozens of customers every day, it makes me NOT want to deal with people on a face to face basis. For the love of the "hobby" or not, it is impossible to please everyone all the time. Sean
Sean is a gentleman. You can disagree with him, and debate a point without being labeled as an unbelieving idiot.
Sean has always returned my e-mails.
Right Sean? :~)
Count me in as one who has not only learned a lot from Sean's prolific posting on this site, but have also been the recipient of some of his handy work.

As you'll see in my "virtual system", I have a pair of cables that Sean made for me. They are his own unique version of the Belden cables. At the time that he made them for me, my system was much "higher-end" than it is now and I compared his cables to a pair of Audioquest Emerald X3s that I also owned. To these ears, it was too close to justify the additional expense of the Audioquests.

Sean made the cables for me, burned them in on his cooker and shipped them to me and only charged me his cost of materials. In addition, I had a pair of cables drop-shipped to Sean. He assembled them for me so that I could save a few $$$s and also broke them in on his cable cooker.

All of the assistance that he prvided was unsolicited and uncompensated. We're not "email buddies" either. He's just a very kind and very patient man with a big heart and a passion for this hobby.

Finally, I'd like to give special recognition to Albert Porter whom I also don't know from Adam. His knowledge and passion are unparalleled. And, similar to Sean, he is very kind and generous. He contacted me privately one time with an offer to act as a broker for an item that I was considering purchasing and would have saved me a good deal of money. I ended up going another route, but the fact that he made his resources available to a perfect stranger speaks volumes.

I guess that's the theme here. From what I can tell, Albert and Sean are on opposite ends of the socio-economic spectrum (no offense, Sean), yet they both do what they can to offer their resources and expertise in any way they can. That's passion. That's conviction. That's being a good steward and a good neighbor in this little community we call AudiogoN.
I've never e-mailed Sean. I'm not worthy, hehe. I need to fix that wedge on my head first. ;-]
I missed this when it was posted the other day! I am honored to be included on "the list" and with out all of the other great people who contribute here I would not have ΒΌ the knowledge of this hobby that I do. I recall my early days here at the 'gon and how confusing it all seemed, now not only do I understand it, but I can communicate it- and that's a great feeling. Some times you post something and your not sure any one is going to read it or if it will help. What I have learned here over the years- little things make the biggest difference, in particular with the new folks that join us who are overwhelmed with all the information and hoodoo before them.

In regards to Sean, he is a wealth of technical information, no denying that. He can be engaged in productive debate with out taking offense to it- I wish I could say the same thing about myself :^)

Fmpnd- Keep it down, I'm not a bad influence, you must not have been drinking your kool-aid, I'll send you some of mine. And comparing your system to mine, I would have to say you are the bad influence :o)
Moi? Bad influence? Surely you gest. (And quit calling me Shirley!).
I agree Sean is the man,and the others mentioned are right up there too.So good to be a part of this crew at this time and place,keep on keepin on men....Bob refer to a "local joint" for us all to meet. I thought that is what we are already doing. Only, the local joint im my case is in my home office.