Can anyone who has heard Raidho X-1s and Harbeth M30.1s discuss the sound?

I'm considering upgrading my M30.1s to Raidho X-1s which I've heard only in a quick listening session. I liked them quite a bit but my sound memory (if there is such a thing) isn't really all that good and I was wondering if anyone has heard them and the Harbeths and can speak to the difference and whether Raidhos are a significant upgrade?
I would think its a sideways move at best and the bass will really suffer.  How much bass do you expect out of a 4 inch woofer in a tiny cabinet?  While the highs may be better, I wouldn't do it.  I heard the Raidho X-1 at Blink High End and came away unimpressed.  I have also heard the Harbeth 30.1 at Fidelis and liked the house sound, although I would prefer the Harbeth 40.1.  That's my 2 cents worth.

This is a bizzare selection of two totally different sounding loudspeakers with completely differnet personalities.

Harbeths are known for a rich midrange, a polite treble decent imaging and are respected for being musical and natural sounding loudspeakers.

Rahido are known for incredible detail in the treble, a lot of air, a clean but not partiuclarly warm midrange, and good but not particularly low bass.

A Rahido X1 would sound brighter, and smaller than a Harbeth which woluld sound, bigger and fuller and somewhat less detail and sparkle for details.

If you like Harbeth you would most likely hate Radiho, The real issue is what are you trying to accheive and perhaps changing your components might be a better investment.

You need to hear the Radiho to see if you like that type of sound, I am willing to bet if you like your Harbeths you will really not like the Radiho, howerver, if you are looking for geater clarity than a Rahdio might be your ticket.

If you are looking at uber monitors depending on budget and you are looking to gain more detail then look at Rahido, the Focal Sopra 1, the TAD ME 1, KEF Ref 1, and the Persona B.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I concur with The Audio Doctor, couldn't have said it better myself.
Thanks for the spot on advice. Managed to hear X1s again last night and I can confirm Dave and Troy's assessment. 
I demoed the Raidho X1s (and C 1.2), as well as the Harbeth line.

You don't need my input at this point, but fwiw....the Raidho actually has a reputation for a contoured sound, a dip in the presence region etc to sound "right" to the ear and more natural. So you are supposed to get a smooth rich sound with great subtle detail from the ribbon driver.

I found the C 1.2 to actually sound both a bit too mellow in that regard, but also a bit "bleached" of tonal color.   The X1s that I demoed were actually more forward and energetic sounding.  Extremely realistic in terms of snappy transients, openess and detail.  Though ultimately don't go low enough and still the same somewhat bleached tonal color (to me years).

I ended up with the Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers which I preferred.
(Though I sold those and stayed with my Thiels).