Can a balanced cable be terminated with rca's

Can a bulk wire such as mogami that is terminated with balanced ends be reterminated with rca's ?
Yes, I've had this done many times. I usually have a cable builder do the job for me. But if your handy and have a solder iron, DIY.
But doesn't this defeat the purpose of "balanced"?

Yes it does, but if he already has them and likes them, he might as well do it. I wonder if an XLR to RCA adapter might be an easier way to go if it didn't hurt the sonics, that way he could easily go back to balanced if the need arises.

Ifthe cables are expensive, i would go with using adapters, or sell the wire and buy what you need.
Cutting up expensive cables is not a good idea.
If they are only average wires, then yeah, no problem changing them.
Also, depends on the wire weave in the cable. Usually a balanced cable has two wires twisted or three or four, with a shield.. Deciding how to use those.. well it can make a difference.
But physically being able to do it yeah, certainly.
Finally, wires can be stuck in the closet for YEARS and reused later. Perhaps saving the wire? and get one you can use, and then later on, you may be glad you saved it. (especially more expensive wires)
All adaptors have an affect on the sound. Why complicate things with adaptors? Keeping it simple usually results in better sound.
I am looking at mogami wiring cut to foot . The stuff is sold with xlr in the stores . They do not state if they are dual purpose . rca or xlr . basically looking for the technical aspect . I only have unbalanced equipment , but would like to hear mogami . Hence the need to reterminate .
Yes, as Earndog replied, balanced cables can be run with RCA connectors.
You can order Mogami 2534 cable, which is perhaps their most widely used model in balanced XLR applications, terminated with RCA connectors and in various lengths and colors, from Markertek.

I have done that, with excellent results in my system.

-- Al
Thanks as usual to Al for the links. Now to Mogami speaker wire . The 3104 is 4 conductor . Can i use that for biwiring ? Is it superior to the 2 conductor 3103 ?
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