Calling Harbeths 40.1 owners

I love to own these speakers but MY room is 4 x 6 meters and will place them along the short side of 4 meters. I wonder it will be too narrow for them. I have HL5s now but having all the reviewers saying how good are the 40.1 is, I am very eager to know if I should upgrade. Thanks.
I use them in a room pretty much the same size on the short wall also. (14.5' X 19.5') I also moved up from the SHL5s. They will work in your room. However it has taken me awhile to get them dialed in. At first I was not happy with the move from the SHL5s. They are a different sounding speaker, and not as warm as the 5s. Audition if you can, but they will work in your room.
40.1 are not the same warm sound so make sure to audition.
I've always wanted to try these speakers but afraid that they might be a bit more bass output which can lead to boominess. Can someone clarify how's the bass output of the M40.1 is ?
Thanks Tom, Great to heat that it fits your room. Could you share your placement method with us? Have you done any sound treatments? Some reviews are saying they could have too much bass but others are saying its bass is life like? I am hoping they will surpass the HL5 in that area, a bit more life like and more dynamic. I don't mind if they are not as warm as I used Thiels before and I also like them.

By the way, Tom, I went through some of your threads and found out we have a very simular HIFI path! Our room's size; being an ex-Thiels lovers and now moving from HL5 to M40.1!! You're surely having much more experience than me and more of a devotee. I live in Sydney and we don't have Harbeth dealers. I would love to hear if someone in Sydney owns one of these?
I had a pair of SHL5 for a year before moving to M40. M40 is a much better speaker, but much harder to drive. I'm not sure whether this is applicable to M40.1. My room is 14 x 15 feet, have some room treatments when I got the M40.
Thanks Ashton, nice to know people are using them in spaces simular to mine and being happy. The M40.1 should be easier to drive and place than the M40. I have ARC VT100iii so there should be enough power. Do you need to place the speaker away from the room much?
I dont really think the 40.1 is a "better" speaker than the SHL5 when combined with a good (I used REL) subwoofer. Just different. Depending on your tastes, I put them equal when a subwoofer is integrated well into the SHL5 system.
I think anyone who really loves there SHL5s should make sure and hear the 40.1s before making the change.
Interesting Tom hankins, I do think HL5s have some good magic in the midrange. Can you detail what is thier differences?
I alway thought the M40.1 and HL5s have the same house sound but the latter being bigger and better in dynamics and details!
The 40.1 is more detailed, deeper bass, not as full or sweet sounding. Probably the more correct sounding speaker. I think the SHL5 stages better. The 40.1s seem to stage everything up high and not as wide as the SHL5s in my system. Using the same gear with both the 40.1s dont disappear the way the SHL5s did. The 40.1 is harder to drive. I've used big SS amps and the bass really tightens up and shines. When i can afford bigger tube amps I'll get them to go with mine. The 40.1 images are sharper. I'm happy I have the 40.1s, but could have been just as happy never leaving the SHL5s. (with sub)
The treble is sweet with both but better with the 40.1s. I liked the vocals from the SHL5s better, although both are great. More detail, but leaner with the 40.1s. (although not lean by any means)
My wife thinks the system has lost some of the magic since we got rid of the SHL5s, even though it gained the detail and some other things the 40.1s do better. With some of the stuff we listen to shes right.
There is one pair selling only for $6700 at the gon!! But after this thread, I must think twice before making the move! Shipping and tax is very expensive to Sydney!! I still think these speakers are the one to stop my HiFi merry go round.
SHL5 is a great speaker for it's price. IMHO the M40 or M40.1 is worth more than 5 times the cost of SHL5. Matching a sub to SHL5 should close the gap towards M40.1, but dialing the sub is a tedious job. I've tried to dial 2 AR subs and also a James sub, and in the end, took them out and preferred without the subwoofer.

In the beginning of getting the M40 in, I thought I preferred the sound of SHL5 compared to M40. But after listening to both for a month or 2, I found that the M40 is giving more details in the treble, midrange and also the bass. I've also compared the P3, C7, SHL5 and M40 in my room. On vocals, P3 is the king. All other speakers lost to it when playing vocal tracks, but that's all it excelled at. P3 sounded sweet and crisp might be due to a lack of bass. M40 might not sound fuller and sweeter might be because it had more bass. That is IMO.

The M40 or M40.1 requires big, powerful and great amps to drive them "BEAUTIFULLY". These speakers will show all kinds of flaws with lesser amps.
Thanks for the insight Tom. Great to hear from you after a while, and I hope the 40.1s will continue to grow on you with time to come.
That pr. in Eucalyptus look great. If your going to get a pr. I'd jump on those quick.
I have SHL5s. Coming from Aerial 10Ts, Wilson WP6s and Kharma 3.2s, I do sense that the Harbeths are just masking some detail in pursuit of a non-stressful sound. On the other hand, I love the kind of fleshed-out vocals and nice saturation of sound that is presented. I have not heard the 40.1s, but I was hoping they would have more detail while keeping the SHL5's density.
i have them in 4x5 room, along the 4m wall and enjoy them.
I have my 40.1's in a 4.6m x 6m room and I LOVE them (note: short ceiling @ only 2.1 meters). My room is well treated with 8 GIK 244 panels. I originally powered them with a Plinius SA 102 class A ss amp with decent results, and currently drive them with a moderately powered McIntosh MC 275 tube amp with great success. I don't find them to be power hungry at all. I would describe the 40.1's as having a very full bodied, organic & natural sound. I tailored the bass response by tweaking the tubes in my preamp with Telefunken smooth plate 12AX7's. I never tire of listening to these speakers and they sound great at moderate volume levels. They have really changed the way I approach this hobby and they have allowed me to get off the roller coaster of upgrades and just listen to the music. I've never heard the SHL5's. I'd highly recommend the 40.1's if you can find a pair used.