Anyone Using Harbeths with Grilles off?

Curious whether anyone prefers their Harbeths this way. I would imagine it's room dependent-- they are obviously voiced with grilles on but if your room is unusual (like mine is) maybe they sound better this way. The highs are getting eaten up by furniture and old ears and a strange loft type room at my place so it's working here.
Always grills off. You don't wear undies when you bring a woman to bed.
Harbeths are way cooler with grills off.

Just MHO.
Just saw these reponses. Thanks! I agree. Enjoying them way more with the grilles off!
Entirely speaker- and room-dependent, in my experience.  Not the same speakers, but my Wilson Benesch Arcs sound the same, grills on or off, so I leave them on for protection.   On the other hand, the grills on my BMC Purevox can have a bit of a blanketing effect on the sound so removing them definitely affects the sound.   Go with what works, to your ears, in your room.
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Any Harbeth that I've owned are made to be used with the grilles intact. This is stated by the designer Alan Shaw. It is very difficult to remove the grilles without using the special tool used for removal. Anytime I see used Harbeths for sale they almost always have a rip  on the corner of the grille from careless removal!
I had a pair of Super HL5 Plus, I didn't notice a difference with the grills on/off. 

Also, the easiest way to get the grills off is with a cheap magnet from Home Depot, doesn't leave a mark. 
I know Harbeth recommends grilles on etc.  To me,  in my room, the M30.1s image better with the grilles off.  
With the 30.2 there is boosted bass if you remove the grille. Though I highly reccomend removing the grilles on the 30.2, if only to remove the magnet behind the logo that rattles against the cabinet enclosure very loudly during strong bass.
Harbeth also recommends just about any amp over 50 watts. I'm sorry...that's not flying with me. Just saying (-: Back on subject...I enjoy my P3's with Grills on, and don't want to mess with them. Cheers -Don