Living Voice OBX-RW or Harbeths and Lamm 1.2s

Hi. Is anyone out there using Lamm 1.2s with Living Voice OBX-RWs and if so how well do they match? I currently have Harbeth Super 5s that are working well with the Lamms (and based on the reviews) am thinking of moving to the new + version. However I could also buy Living Voice OBX-RWs for a similar price or Harbeth 40.1s - both second hand and local in NZ. Any and all thoughts and expereiences much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Stu from NZ
I would get the LVs. Much easier to drive than the Harbeths, and a nicer presentation overall. I have heard both.
Harbeth 40.1's are a huge upgrade of the SHL5's. I've owned both and am sticking with the 40.1's. I've driven my 40.1's with as little as 30 WPC tube amp.
I have living voice obx r2 powered by thor tpa-30..lively and do percussion better than any speaker I have owned and sound better than previous owned kharma 2.1...awesome sounding speakers in a 14 X 18 room..always paranoid if I have to much speaker for room..have some dynaudio cs1 coming in for comparison this weekend..cant wait...this is what this hobby is coming!