California Audio Labs CL-10 troubles - not reading

I recently bought a CL-10 off of Audiogon. It seemed to work fine initially. It started to have troubles after an hour or so of all-disc random play. The player would not be able to read any disc in the tray after a while. Following a cooldown (usually overnight) the CL-10 would then function normally for a while and the problem would recurr. At this time the CL-10 will not read any CD. Befroe I take it in for service I wanted to know if anyone has had similar problems and what they did about it.

I used to have both CL-10 and CL-15 and sometimes after continues playing it will start to skip. It happened to both models, I sent it to CAL Audio and they clean the lens and lubricate the motor and the problem disapear but after about 6 months it started skiping again. I never had a problem about not able to read disc thou. I think you should return it to the seller.
My CL-10 would skip and one channel would regularly go silent. The local repair shop said they replaced the laser head (which is an off-the-shelf standard component they had in stock) and repaired an output relay (presumably the relay did not stay engaged to transmit the output signal). I don't remember the exact cost but it was between $100 and $200. Good luck.
I had my CL-10 repaired at Sensory Science (CAL) within the past year. Service was good, pricing was reasonable turnaround time was ok.
I have had the CL-10 looked at and I need a new laser. The repair shop said it is a Panasonic laser that was used and the shop has seen the Panasonic fail before. Does this make sense to anyone?
I've never had a problem with mine, until now. Last night it wouldn't read one disk. All others fine. Never happended before. Woo-oo-woo!!! Keep us posted Snowrider.