California Audio Lab CL-10 remote control help?

I recently borrowed an CAL CL-10 5-discs CD player without remote control for pre-purchase test-drive.   I tried Logitech Harmony 700's CL-5 settings.   All basic functions seems to work, even thought CL-10 isn't on Logitech's support list.

Does anybody know if the CL-5 remote commands would suffice?   Thank you
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Contact Brent Jessee Recording , he has lots of oem remotes
If you can’t find an original.

Best way is to get a used (ebay) Touch Screen Philips Pronto TS1000 and put these codes into it.

Second is this after market one, but it may not do eveything, like your Logitech, but they say it does.

Cheers George