Any comments on the Two Audio Shows Scheduled for Southern California in 2017?

Assuming these posts are correct, I found two audio shows scheduled for Southern California in 2017. They are:

1)  Exciting New Audio Show coming to Los Angeles Summer 2017.  This event takes place Friday through Sunday, June 2nd to the 4th, 2017, at the Sheraton Gateway LA, just minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport via complimentary shuttle. The Los Angeles Audio Show is open to the public from 10am to 6pm, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Discounted early-bird tickets should go on sale November 25th.

2) T.H.E. Show Newport September 22 – September 24 2017

It is going to be very expensive for audio vendors (Mfg and retailers) to afford both shows and especially those vendors and guests coming from out of town.   I am confused about which one to attend.  Maybe both?? 

I am very surprised that both shows are scheduled so close together.   Most likely, vendors will attend only one event and skip the other one.  Any comments? 

The manufacturers and dealers I have spoken with have indicated a preference for the LA Audio Show in June given the September date for the THE is now almost on top of RMAF. The LAX location for the new show is a good location -- I have fond memories of the Stereophile shows back in the day, and obviously easy to access

Continuing to describe the THE Show as "Newport" seems a bit odd given it's now in Anaheim at the Hilton -- Irvine strictly wasn't Newport but at least it was near by, no one is going to think that of Anaheim