california audio labs aria mk3 - opinions?

I have a chnace to get one locally. Does anyone own one of these? Any opinions?

Any opinion on how this one would compare to an AH/Tjoeb 4000?

Many thanks in advance for any insight.
if the condition is superb, the cal...a classic.
I bought one a few months ago and the stubborn seller told me he knew how to pack it. I let it go and when it arrived the front panel was seperated from the case. I never got a chance to hear it. A local friend says the MK III is the only model you should buy. Make sure you get the remote too. It should have the latest standards, etc. I have heard the DAC section of this and it's pretty good but a little rolled off on the top end. The CD section is nothing more than a Magnavox premium transport. According to my friend it will have great presence and atmosphere. He swears by them today. They do become problematic and there is someone that can do reasonable repairs out there. If the price is right it may be worth it. I'm using an Arcam DV78 and I'm pretty happy with it and a tube Dac.
I heard one a few years ago and thought it sounded OK but somewhat dark and closed-in. I definitely preferred my CAL Alpha DAC, as well as other budget CD players of the time such as the Music Hall CD-25 and one of the Denon's (I don't remember which model).

Thanks guys - very helpful!
The highs are a bit out of phase lending to the illusion of a very airy sound. The mid-bass has a nice punch and the lower bass is relatively well controlled. The sound stage is quite deep and tall. At this age, replacing some of the electrolytic caps is required. That means you have to take the unit apart. The ribbon cables are delicate and often fail. Then you are left with a boat anchor. Where do you live?
I'd appreciate if you answer my e-mail. Because if your not interested in this player, I may want to buy it depending on condition. Maybe you could instruct the seller to contact me.
In the meantime, I asked the repair facility in CT to help me find one.