Cables for Harbeth-Luxman match?

New to Harbeth, i own a pair of compact C7s with Luxman 550AII
using AZ hologram II
Nordost XLR LS RD
wondering about your experiences?
It will safe me time and money,
In my experience the C7's are not particularly sensitive to speaker cables. I would look at decent, low cost cables that are easy to work with and explore spending the difference on system improvements further up the signal chain. It is very hard to make the Harbeth's sound bad and I got great sound with them using a variety of different cables at low and moderate price points.
Is there a problem with what you have now? It looks like it would be a good match.
Not sure what you don't like about what you have? I own C7's being driven by SET 845 tubes. Tried a number of cables - Kubala Sosna, Audience, Cardas, Kimber, Audience, AZ. Finally settled on Auditorum 23 interconnects and speaker cables. Works very well in my system.

I disagree that C7's are not cable sensitive. Perhaps not as much as some brands, but you can certainly change the tonal balance dramatically with speaker cables. Perhaps it has something to do with the quality of the amp driving them?
"but you can certainly change the tonal balance dramatically with speaker cables"

I disagree with this statement as a general rule and particularly so with respect to the Harbeth line. Unless you talking about connecting up with lamp cord any array of decent quality cables will introduce a marginal impact on sound quality and overall tonal balance. Far too many of us spend too much time obsessing over cables when there are far more important component choices (i.e. loudspeakers) that determine tonal balance and other performance parameters. To say that cables can "dramatically" alter the tonal balance is a vast overstatement in my experience.
IF you have ever A/B tested harbeths with Kubala or Cardas vs. Audience 24's, you'd know what I mean.
A general suggestion or two, I would avoid warm sounding cables with these two warmer than average pieces. I think a nuetral sounding or slightly clinical high definition cable would be a good match. With that in mind a silver plated or if you can afford it, silver cable should be synergistic. I would also avoid heavily sheilded cables and fairly thin AWG might be best.
Meiwan: I KNOW what you mean, I just disagree. Cables matter, just not nearly as much as people claim and this is particularly true when fronting a pair of Harbeth's. Will Au24's sound different than Cardas or Kubala--sure (I ran Au24's with my C7's for a while). Will substituting one for the other "dramatically" alter the tonal balance of these speakers. IMHO, no, they will not.
Thinking on getting also a tube amp for my harbeth any ideas?
If you like to listen on the louder side, the Bada 225 from Pacific Valve is very nice. 95 watt, tube hybrid - $1200. One month money back.