Cables for Dynaudio C1 Sig

I was wondering if anyone had any experiences good/bad with speaker cables for the Dynaudio C1. I have a McCormack DNA-2 amp. My current cables are Goertz MI-3 which are 7 AWG copper. I bought them based on feedback for use with my Thiel CS6s. Don't know if they are a good match for the Dynaudio or not. They seem to sound OK but was wondering if there is a better match.
I have used Morrow Audio SP4 with DNA-125 and Dynaudio Contour S1.4 with great success. You should give them a 30 day listen.
I have only heard the standard C1's, not the sigs. Most recently with an Adudia Flight integrated and CD player. The cabling was all the Newest Shunyata ZTron cabling and they sounded fantastic. I have also heard them sound great with upper end Cardas cabling as well. These two companies cables are probably at the opposite end of the spectrum sound signature wise. I think this may just be an indicator that the C1's are simply fantastic speakers and more than likely will sound fantastic with any good well designed and well built speaker cable.
I am truly loving the C1s. I moved to a new house and my new audio room is smaller than my old one (basement). My Thiel CS6s were too big so I traded them in for the much smaller Dynaudios. I also considered Focal 1007Be, and Joseph Pulsars. The C1s seemed had a bigger soundstage, went deeper, and looked awesome with the Sig laquer finish.
The thiels are currently listed on audiogon through Hanson Audio. Great store by the way.
Crimson Music Link. I use them all around and was smoked when they replaced HT pro9+'s on my Special 25's.... I also use them on my Marten Dukes. Try them, and you'll never swap cables again.
I have Nordost Frey Ic and Sc. Very nice with lots of 'air' between the instruments and vocals. I currently have the Nordost Series 2 demo case. The Series 2 is a lot different. Much more liquid sounding. If you don't have or are not planning on getting a sub the Series 2 is a lot better especially in the low end.

I upgraded from the std C1 to the Signature and the Sig's are so much better in the low to mid listening levels. Very loud is still great too. The Std C1's sounded good but sound so much better as you crank them up. Driving them with an Octave V70se. Great match. I also have a Rel B3 that I had before the Dyns.
I have read that others thought the C1 mkII was much better at lower levels. I never heard the mkI.

The Signature designation is really a cosmetic difference (cabinet finish and name plate on back) and a longer warranty. The mkII has changes to the tweeter and crossover and then is available in standard or Sig. finish, from what I understand.

Great speaker.
Great speaker.

No it's a fantastic speaker. As far as the difference between the MKI & MKII is upgraded internal wiring - crossover and a new doping for the Esotar2 tweeter. Signature doubled the warranty and put a real nice finish on the cabinets with a new 'signed' nameplate on the back.

I got the mocha and found a pair of the discontinued black/chrome stand4. Looks as good as it sounds.

I still highly recommend Nordost Series 2 cables.
STEALTH has many wonderful cables.