Totem Rainmaker vs Dynaudio Excite 12 shelf spks?

I am helping a friend put together a system of a Rega BrioR integrated amp (50RMS at 8 ohms) Rega Apollo CD player, and one of the following stand mounted speakers. Totem Dreamcatcher (approx $575); Totem Rainmaker($1000) or the Dynaudio Excite 12 ($1200) His living room is approx 15X18 with a carpeted floor, and an overstuffed couch, and two medium size chairs. I can audition the Totem "Dreamcatch" at a local shop, and possibly the Dynaaudio EXcite 12, but not the Rainmaker. He is a medical researcher and lecturer who is on the road alot,.... so he is depending on my ears for the best choice of speakers with the above noted electronics.

The Totam Dreamcatcher received an excellent review in Stereophile in May 2011 and the Dynaudio speaker an exceptional review by three separate talking heads at Stereophile. I don't want to over spend his money, THEREFORE, can someone who has owned or auditioned these speakers or at least two out of three, provide some input about their overall performance, and as to the best value and choice. He listens mostly to classical music and opera, occasionally some traditional jazz, possibly some fusion jazz.

Note: I recommended the new Nordost speaker cable, called the Purple Flair. I think it sells for $500 for approx a six ft pair with banana jacks. I auditioned the cable and its sounds good to very good. But some members may have a better and less expensive alternative. All comments and advice welcomed, Thank you, Jim

BTW, he plays music at moderately loud level, but is no headbanger. All three speakers noted are 4 ohms, which the Rega integrated can deliver at least 70-80RMS
May want to consider...
Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 speaker cables. Excellent cables at half the price of the Nordost. Which would allow more for speakers like the Dynaudio DM 2/10.

Wouldn't get wrapped around the retail prices that much. A little research on your part should save your friend some money. There are deals to be found.
I had Dynaudio Excite X12s for awhile. They're excellent speakers, very smooth with good bass extension. I finally suspected, though, that they would have done better with more power (despite being easy to drive for Dyns). They never really seemed to open up. I was using a Nait 5i.

I haven't heard the Rainmakers or Dreamcatchers. From what I've read, though, Rainmakers aren't particularly easy to drive. Dreamcatchers are said to be a good match with a Nait 5i or the old Rega Brio -- and Rega and Totem are supposed to have good synergy.

For cheaper cable alternatives, you might check out Rega's speaker cable, Naim NACA5, Chord Odyssey 2, or even Blue Jeans Cable. The Nordost strikes me as overkill for a budget integrated and monitors.
Those are very small speakers for that room. However, a smaller speaker in a large room is much better than a larger one in a small room so no big deal. Everyone has their opinion and mine would be to find a used pair of Harbeth P3ESR's. Read John Atkinson's review on the Stereophile web site from August 12, 2010.
There's a 9/10 pair of Harbeth P3ESR Special Edition's on Agon right now for $1550 obo.
Let me just add the Dynaudio DM2/6 ($899) to the mix vs the Totem and Excite 12....and also a sleeper, Rega RS-3 floorstander ($1195) BTW, the RS-3 has a new upgraded version above the original.

I heard the Dynaudio DM2/6 with the new Rega BrioR integrated, and it sounded very good. However, I think for the size and build quality which is average, it is grossly overpriced. Is the DM2/7 much better for $1100 or 1199?? Not sure of the retail....... Thank you Jim
I don't know if you're still looking for speakers, but I just wanted to tell you that I think the Rainmakers are a great all-around speaker for the price and they can definitely fill a large room. I have a pair of Rainmakers in my bedroom, which is relatively large, and I have never had a problem in that regard. I would stay away from the Dreamcatchers though. Although they sound great, I don't think they'd be appropriate in that setup. Also, the Rainmakers can often be found used in mint condition for almost half that price.
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