Cable Recommendations for Entry Level

I am a newbie to this forum and starting to learn just a tiny bit about better equipment. I just upgraded my junky old technics tt to a new REGA RP-1. I have some old JBL 4312A monitor speakers and am currently trying to get hold of a NAD 3020A integrated Amp. My CD player is nothing special. Just wondering if anybody can recommend a reasonable step up from my old radio shack speaker wire...
Blue Jeans Cable
Signal Cable
MAC cables at auction on Audiogon
Blue Jeans cable if you want shielded interconnects. MAC if you don't.
Thank you for your help! And seems affordable. The stereo store that I bought my REGA, Brooks Berdan in Monrovia (which so far I like a lot) starts at $200 f/ a pair of 8' cables. I'm just not at that point yet.
don't forget Speltz anti cables...they are great
Buy a pair of affordable used speakers cables. If you don't hear a difference, sell them again and keep what you have.
I'd suggest something from Blue Jean Cable because they are quality and affordable. I suspect that you'll get a better value by putting your money toward component upgrades. I upgraded my CD player and it made a significant difference, much more than the difference I heard between $7 speaker cables vs. $2,000 cables. I have about $500 in my SACD player including three Sort Kones as an FYI.
Hi IamNate

How about this? Make your SCs out of a patio extension cord or something simlar.

6Moons White Lighting Cables

Then take the extra money and the advice above and upgrade your CDP. E.g. A used Pioneer Elite PD D6 or maybe an Emotiva ERC-1 CDP.

I did make some SCs out of Husky Patio Extension cord from Home Despot. It was a fun little DIY for me that could yield good results for you.
I highly recommend Signal Cable. I am very impressed with Frank's cables and his prices are hard to beat.
Morrow audio should be given a try imho.

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Blue Jeans are a good buy, also on Amazon a company called
Ethereal , the EP line is quite good for the money , Tbe cables are also nice looking , not too thin, not too fat , sound similar to Kimber 8TC's.

And Yes definetly you would want to take the money you saved and upgrade equipment
The Pioneer Elite PD D6 is actually the SACD player that I have. I purchased it new from Pioneer on a closeout price. There is a newer version for about $700.
I am a fan of Joe Mazzaglia's Auricle interconnects, I think they are top value. Haven't tried his speaker wire, my entry level choice for that would be Audioquest Type 4.

When you get your NAD, replace the pre out/amp in jumpers on the back panel with a short length (as short as possible) of good interconnect. Not expensive and very worthwhile.
I agree with Jdombrow about buying used cables (here on
Audiogon). You can find affordable cables from Tara Labs, Kimber or even Monster Cable that will improve your current
R/S wire.

Mac does have a shielded cable
Nothing will touch the Morrow MA1 at that price range period!
Wig - Tell about the circumstances surrounding your statement. That's a very definitive statement for a topic that seems to have no one answer.

I've tried over 10+ brand of cables costing $K+ and these MA1 will put most of them to shame for only $39. My statement basically is to try them, if they don't work for you, you have not lost much.
thanks for the all the recommendations on cable companies. in process of buying a house, so i have to go slow on components for now. plus there are the trips to amoeba records that need funding!
I own a vintage NAD integrated and just upgraded to SupraPly cable. This cable is exremely natural and the treble is amazing! (NAD's can be soft) It replaced audioquest type4 which is good budget cable. I think I paid $2.50 per foot unterminated, which is a crazy bargain!! I can't imagine better sound for the money....
MIT AVT 2 or AVT 1 cables will unleash maximum musicality in any system. They can be life changing for those who care about reproducing music intact and unrestrained...simply orgasmic!
Iamnate,Blue Jeans and Anti Cable were no contest for the Morrow cables here. The JBL 4312 monitor was my first real pair of speakers back in the 80's and were paired with the Sansui 9090DB reciever.
Mogami or Van Damme(HIFI series LC-OFC) for interconnects. Van Damme 6MM LC-OFC speaker cables. Cheap enouph for entry level but good enough for any performance level in my opinion and experience.
Not entry-level but extremely affordable are the cables from Signal Cable (USA). These offer excellent bang-for-the-buck value!
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