There is a push at Nordost to push the idea of a cable "loom", all cables being the same, as the ideal in finding audio cable bliss. I am not convinced of this but am intrigued enough to start to question my system and my sanity, (as well as question my banker for a refinance on my car to pay for a new cable loom). Any experience out there of those who have tried the harmony of one brand/model of cable vs. the chaos of a mix of cables creating a sonic jungle.
I do my best now just to sit down and enjoy music and share it with the people I love and care about. I just stay away from things that I assume just might not really matter in an audio system and stay with what works. I wish you the best with this tread and at best having your sanity questioned. I have gotten into many an argument with this subject so I will pass the batton to another.
I am not sure why the moderators changed the title of my post from "Cable Loom vs Cable Jungle", to just "Cable". I think the original title was more discriptive of the question and I can't see where it slighted anyone. So, this is a clarification note.
No battle needed!
I have gone both routes and here's my 2 cents...

Cable "jungle"...a lot of time and testing to mix and match without adding or diminishing from one's sonic goals BUT IT CAN BE DONE!
cable "loom"...Also a good amount of time to find the one brand that gives you most of what your end wishes are BUT THEN YOUR DONE!

Not unlike audio nervousa, take the time to do correctly and there's no need to wonder what your missing...Good Luck
I agree with Azjake right up to the "BUT THEN YOU ARE DONE!" part. I've gone both routes too, and have been happy both ways.

The last time I had a system wired with all one kind of cables (Tara Labs Decade) was about a decade ago. I was done for a year or two, but have been back swinging in the jungle ever since.

IMHO, there is no one RIGHT way to do it, just as there is no one RIGHT cable for you. You can certainly try it, but either way you go, I highly doubt you will BE DONE!

cable loom is indeed the way to go in my experience.If you have the chance ,you could easily have a listen for yourself;and i was surprised at how much better single cable brands can sound for the same amount of money..

IMHO the loom has definiate advantages over the mix and match route. I recently completed a Kubala-Sosna loom and while I wasn't expecting the last addition to change much, I was pleasently suprised at how it pulled everything together.
I am also an advocate of the "loom" approach, but I think the ultimate results are dependent on:

1) whether the brand chosen offers a variety of cable signatures to be mixed and matched to achieve the sound you desire. This approach differs from mixing and matching different brands in that the different models of the same brand must be designed, tested, and understood to work together synergistically to provide a predictable sonic result. If, after starting with one model, say, at the source, one desires to add more warmth and bloom, for example, then it is known that adding another model of cable within that brand at a different location, say at the preamp to amp position, will yield the desired warmth and bloom without losing the desired characteristics of the baseline sound.

2) adding additional cables of that same brand produces a "whole is greater than the sum of the parts" result. As one adds more cables of the selected brand, more and more of what is unique and desireable with the baseline cable is enhanced, similar to the effect of an "accelerator" or catalyst.

One brand that I know does both is the Synergistic Research Tesla line. Mixing the Accelerator, Precision Reference, Acoustic Reference, and Apex lines allows one to achieve both of the above. The entire line was designed that way, including not only ICs, speaker cables, and power cords, but also their power conditioner (Powercell 10SE) and AC receptacle (Teslaplex). In fact, SR recommends against using the same model throughout an entire system (including the most expensive Apex line), but rather to mix and match models to tailor the overall sound to your liking. SR can and will advise you on which model additions will yield your desired sonic results at every step of the process as you build your loom. Done correctly, all of the above is achieved to a remarkable (amazing?) degree.
Works fine if you like the sound of that loom. I once had all Nordost and though they are very revealing and neutral, I thought they were too cold. I have also mixed cables from different manufacturers with success. Going after the sound that is pleasing to you isn't always easy.