Budget cartridge for SOTA Moonbeam TT.

I have just acquired a SOTA Moonbeam TT which I intend to give to my daughter as hopefully an upgrade to her Teac TT.

My question is this.

What budget cartridge can you recommend?
My first thoughts are Ortofon 2m Red but sure there are other worthy contenders.

It has an old Grado of dubious vintage on it right now and as its history is completely unknown that has to go.

Budget would like to stay below $125 or so and prefer new so no vintage carts this time around please.
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Nagaoka MP-110. AT 95. Buy a new stylus for the Grado.
Another vote for Nagaoka MP-110 as a budget cartridge.  I use it in my office/vintage system and like it better than the Ortofon 2M Red.
I'd like to recommend Garrott Brothers, but even the lowest model is AU$230 + shipping. 
Can you buy the MP-110 here in USA?
Quick eBay check showed all carts were being sold direct from Japan.


230 Aus is approx $160 🇺🇸. So not miles out but I have never heard of them?
Btw this is the Moonbeam ii with the SOTA S100 arm.

Think good match with a lightweight cart.

Thank you!

230 Aus is approx $160 🇺🇸. So not miles out but I have never heard of them?

You never heard about Garrott Brothers ? 
The brothers are no longer with us, but their reputation was very strong, they are legendary for retipping service of Decca and Koetsu. 

Dynamic Coil MM cartridge invented by Garrott Brothers is one of my favorite (vintage model P77 now upgraded with P77i ). 

Nowadays the company follows Garrott Brothers tradition, so you can buy any of the Dynamic Coil models (depends on the price). I think one of the very best is P77i, but within your budget you can check K1. 

Seach audiogon for Garrott Brothers if you want the full story



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Finally got home to try out this TT.
The cart and stylus on it did not look too bad so gave it a whirl as is on an older lp.

Certainly did not sound bad.

However now I am trying to work out just what Grado cart it is so if I decided to just buy a new stylus I can get the correct one.

Anybody have any ideas.

Cart body is silver, stylus is all black with just large letter G on front and Grado under that. Rear of cart above pins says GD1.
Stylus has blue dots on side of carrier.

Makes me think older Prestige model with the blue stylus from the 2000,s?
Bit more digging looks like it is very likely the Grado Blue1 MI cart which has two better stylus available as an upgrade and as this was originaly a $125 cart maybe I will stick with it and upgrade the stylus instead for now.
Right, you can always ask Grado Labs on their website
Just replaced mine here
Be careful when you pulling out the stylus, you will need that plastic thing provided by Grado for this needs 
@chakster .

One reason I have not pulled the stylus off yet, it is not what you term , " user friendly" in that respect.

Do not have one of the pullers but assume a new stylus would come with one.
The new stylus does not come with the removal tool. The old stylus is easy to remove without the tool. Long nose pliers will do the trick!
The puller does not come with the stylus, but maybe depends on the model of the stylus. The puller comes with the cartridge. 

Actually if the stylus sits so tightly it is a benefit for the sound quality 
I have bought many different replacements and not one came with the puller. I asked John Grado for a new one and his reply was to use pliers. He would not send me the removal tool!
No surprise Grado were uncooperative, I have not had good luck at all with their customer service.

Sounds barbaric and prone to slipping and possibly terminal damage.
You can remove it with your fingers. No tool or pliers needed! Watch this video!
The Grado is in my cart drawer pile now.
I picked up a brand new Nagoaka MP150 for approx 60% of mrsp.
What a revelation this cart is on this table.
Great detail and slightly forward presentation without being shrill or shouty. Perfect for majority of my rock records imho. Bass is solid without being overblown, does not seem false.
Very happy.

Thinking of hanging onto this combo for now, my daughter can wait ... Lol.
Switched stylus on 2m red to blue and it was a nice upgrade.AT 100E if possible.