sota moonbeam owners.....

Contemplating going with this table? Any quirks? good is the arm? ANd if it comes with a it a good one?
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The arm was made by Jelco of Japan and is the same arm that went on Ariston's Q Deck.It is a relatively light arm well suited to Grado cartridges.There are better arms around,the flexible back plastic tail-piece being it's major fault.
I had a moonbeam for a short while. I liked it quite a bit with a Goldring 1042 mounted - it was a bitch of a table to isolate though.

The arm is a very weak point for this table. It had a really cheap feel to me and the lack of VTA adjustment was a deal-killer with my urge to try out a variety of cartridges.

For the money, I think a Rega P-3 is a better table all around.