Rega RP3 vs Sota Moonbeam II

I have an LFD NCSE integrated amp with Harbeth speakers. I am looking to get into vinyl. So Rega RP3 or Sota Moonbeam II with Ortofon black cartridge. Any help regarding these choices would be greatly appreciated.

Also if there are other recommendations I welcome your suggestions
Neither. Go with a Well Tempered Labs TT and never look back...
I had the Sota Comet with RB300 arm and Ortofon 2M Bronze. It was very good. Better sound than entry level. I have not heard the new Rega.
Sota if you are in the US. Rega only if you are in UK.
The Sota over the Rega anyday
I had a Sota Moonbeam and it was so-so. Had no slam and really lacked in the lower end. I would go with a REGA RP3 and never look back. When funds permit, get a TTPSU and enjoy! I've had a few REGA's and NEVER had the problems with them that I've had with Music Hall or Pro-Ject...though I will say that the Music Hall PA1.2 phono stage is AWESOME!!!
Rega RP3 is an extremely well engineered product that's been around for more than 30 years and, IMHO, in a league of its own. This TT will simply blow your mind away if you partner it with the right equipment. The new "double brace" technology provides rigidity where it matters the most therefore reducing cartridge resonance to a whole new level. The arm has been vastly improved. An isolation sandbox will take this table/arm combo to even higher grounds.
Both, the LFD and Harbeth are great products so you should have no issues there. I would go for a Rega RP3 and a better cartridge and look no further. A DV 20X2 realy "sings" with this table. However, if you want to experince the full potential of this table, save some money and go with the Lyra Delos. Yes, this table is THAT GOOD! It replaced my Linn Sondek 12 set-up.

Rega RP3 (Best table under $3,000.00 If you want something better you will have to go with Townshend Audio Rock 7)
Lyra Delos (there is no better cartridge in the WORLD for the money, period)
DV P-75 (awesome minimalistic phono amp that will blow away others costing twice as much, specially on phono enhancer mode, a giant killer!)
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum (good luck trying to find a better tube amp under $5,000.00)
Swans Diva 6.1 (B&W 804 Nautilus clone for a 3rd of the price, not bad ah! although I have to admit that the new Canalis Anima from Spiral Groove sound simply amazing. I'm currently saving the money to buy me a pair)
Straight Wire Maestro speaker/interconnects
I haven't heard the Sota but have heard that they are good from dealers that sell both. I bought a Rega RP3 w/ a Rega RB303 tonearm. Mounted my Linn Adikt and don't miss either of the 2 Sondek LP 12's that I had w/ Ittcok LVII and Ekos arms costing 3 and 4 times more. It sounds great through all tube system. Good luck.
I don't know about table, but RB 300/ Ortofon 2M black is excellent combination .
I have upgraded Thorens TD 316 with Michell RB 300/ 2M black/ Michell Tecno Counterweight and I'm very,very happy.
My previous table was Rega P7.
Rega decks are engaging, groovy and a lot of fun. From the RP3 up should be a good choice. Just get a good cartridge for it and you're done. Their build quality may not match the costlier decks out there but the sound quality is just pure fun. Other turntables may produce more detail or sound more accurate but the "joie de vivre" feel of the Regas is something really special.
i'd go with the VPI.the rega is better than the rega RP3-24 sounds very good.
"Joie de Vivre" = run fast. Buy a good old jap DD and you can get even more.
Maybe throught the old P3 model Schubert. My new RP3/TT-PSU runs dead on :-)
I love my rega / jasmine / audio technica setup (see system link for detials).
Kiko56,Guess I better get a P6 for my new Ortofon 2m black then
Maybe Schubert, you will be surprised at how much better the new line is. However, I know you are a big fan of Japanese DDs. I trust your judgement on bookshelf speakers and you have given me valuable information based on music taste. IMHO, Rega and Sota stand alone in entry level turntables up to $1,500.00 with Clearaudio and VPI in close second place. Again, just my opinion.
Kiko65, I'm a big fan of detachable headshells as I love to swap carts around for the hell of it.
I LOVE the old-school look of the Sota Comet with the 303, but the 2m black is very sensitive to VTA.And fooling with spacers doesn't appeal to me and might not get the exact VTA anyway.
I know , fact certain, a turntable setup that is great for most often is NOT for symphonic music.
I'm beginning to think I need to quit jerking around and buy a Michell Gyrodeck. Other suggestions?
The new Sota Satellite ($1,500.00) follows the Comet's design but adds tonearm flexibility. Pair it with the excellent but unassuming Jelco SA-750DB tonearm (around $800.00 with a removable headshell with azimuth adjustability and a good cable) and you should be able to bring the best out of your 2M Black. This is a killer combo for the $2,300.00 sticker price. Removable headshell, VTA adjustability, Azimuth adjustability, damping fluid, tracking force, anti-skating.....with the bonus fact that it looks gorgeous! The Gyrodec sells for $2,500.00 w/out tonearm.
Give it a try :-)
Thanhs Kiko,I went by Needle Doctor today on my way to see a friend in a hospital few blocks from there.
Long story short, i'm listening to Eric Satie on 2-Xperience Classic with the acrylic base and 9cc arm with the cart I happened to have in my car they mounted for me,a Nagoka MP-150.
Sounds mighty fine and at $1099 couldn't pass it up.Beautiful looking table as well,I'm happy !
Good for you Schubert. Long live vinyl!
Happy listening :-)