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Best integrated/power amplifier under $6000
Try NAD M32I like it a lot 
Best mid-range for $3K
Dynaudio C20!!! 
Decisions on standmounts: ATC, Dynaudio, ProAc, Sonus Faber
Around $5kYou should try:Dynaudio C20PMC Twenty.5 22B&W 805d3Will be good match to M22v2and you need to try M12 
Ortofon 2M Black?
I like AT150MLX over 2M black.Try it and save $300 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
PMC company for LIFE.25y in hobby,Enjoy music! 
High quality CD recordings
Amina Alaoui"Arch Iris" 2011 (ECM) Anouar Brahem"the Astounding Eyes of Rita" 2009 (ECM) 
New Bookshelf speakers u love 3k to 6k
Whats wrong with De Capo?Try different amp. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Hi TvfreekDid you try JBL studio 530?You should.... :))$600 VS $1500 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Marantz UD7007 
Yamaha A-S 1000 & 2000 --- How Good?
I'm totally agree with Kevmorse.This is one of the best amp. you can buy for $$$$$$.My running with JBL studio 530 and those speakers are Killers for $$$$$$. 
Bookshelf speakers $500 -$700
JBL studio 530 
Integrated Recommendation
Yamaha A-S1000/2000. 
Is the ''entry level'' DAC becoming extinct ?
One of the Best DAC for $$$$$ on market today TEAC UD 501 (DSD & PCM)Just for $850 
Integrated Amplifier Choices for LSA-1 Signature
Yamaha A-S2000 or 1000 
Which integrated amp?
You should try Yamaha A-S1000 over Exposure, Musical Fidelity,NAD and more......You will be surprise......