Bought the new Oppo DVD981HD player...

Last week I bought and installed the new Oppo DVD981HD that plays standard DVD's, DVD Audio, SACD and Vox. I'm running HDMI and optical to my AVR into a 55" Hitachi plasma screen. I'm very pleased with the results, better PQ and better audio than I had been experiencing with Sony DVD player.

I recommend this unit.
Is Oppo coming out with a HD or Blue Ray format?
The new one is the 980H, afaik. The 981 has been around for a while.

I had a 981. The picture quality was some of the best I have seen. And the sound of movies was fine. But with 2 channel music, it wasn't all that hot. Even my new Sony blu-ray does 2 channel better. Didn't use the Oppo for music, I have a dedicated cpd in that system, but I did try it out.
I have to agree with Hifidreams. Music on the Oppo is not all that. Movies are fine, but sometimes the buttons on front don't work. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Overall I am somewhat disappointed with the 981.
I emailed Oppo about the button problem and never got a response.
Okay....... this is a $230 player that does everything. Assembled a lower end system for a friend using the Oppo 981 for both DVD and 2 channel. Inserted upgraded Assemblage 2.0 DAC and must say that it is now respectable 2 channel for what it is. Completely opened up and softened midrange, extended and tightened bass. For a no- hassle one box not bad.
"Even my new Sony blu-ray does 2 channel better".

I was told the new blue-ray players would not play music CD's? Was I told wrong? If so, how is the CD playback quality of these machines.

This was one of the primary resons I was holding off.
How would the Oppo perform sonically for DVD Concerts where audio quality matter more than average movies? I am questioning whether to buy an Oppo with the RAM mods, so it will be more musically satisfying, or whether I should hold out for an Arcam DV137 or DV139?

There are rave reviews about the audio performance quality of a RAM Modded Oppo. But I have a hard time swallowing the idea of laying out those costs on such a light weight, otherwise inexpensive transport/package. I wonder if I'd ever recoup my investment if I wanted to sell a modded Oppo?

Would I be better served watching concert/music DVD's on a high end McCormack UDP-1 Deluxe, Denon 3930ci, Arcam DV139 or?
Groberts, I went with the Oppo 980H because it's supposed to be the best of their line for audio.

It has surpassed all expectations for both video and audio, but especially audio.

I figured SACD/DVDA might be decent, but didn't expect much from RB CD's. However, this is where is excells. Good with all formats; no I take that back, it's really good, period!

Nice solid and accurate bass with good extension, very good soundstage (width and depth), decent tonal accuracy and timing, and very good detail and air.

Vocals and intruments are nicely placed and distinct.

I like it better than my Sony NS999ES.

This is easily the best buy I've ever made. The fact that is sells for only $169 makes it an absolute best buy IMO and I am amazed at what I got for this amount of money.

I was also considering a used or new Denon, but not now.

My recommendation to anyone in the market for a really good uiversal DVDP is; don't walk. Run!
KR4 - The 981 is their top of line player and latest model. Check their web site.
Dawgbyte, the 980H is actually their latest model and was built with improved auido as one of their goals.

I read their site thoroughly before making my decision. Here is an excerpt from the news release posted on their site:

"Continuing the OPPO tradition of extraordinary audio/video performance and immense value, OPPO designed the DV-980H with a focus on sound and picture quality. Taking inputs from audiovisual enthusiasts and world-famous high fidelity audio equipment partner companies, OPPO refined the audio portion of the DV-980H for precision rendering from Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio, HDCD and regular CDs".
I sold my Denon 2930ci for an Oppo 981 becuase I did not have the room to fit the Denon anymore. What a mistake, the Oppo is dark, grainy and 2 dimensional compared to the Denon. Even my wife who is a skeptic about all of this said it is painfully (yes, painfully) obvious. Well, time to sell my receiver to get a smaller one so I can get the Denon back.
Tpk123, It's the DV-980H that has the superior audio. Not the DV-981HP which has the superior video. The modle numbers are confusing. You have to read over all the specs before you buy the unit best for you.

Hey OPPO! How about a unit with suprior Audio and Video? They should conbine the two and stop confusing their customers.
What a mistake, the Oppo is dark, grainy and 2 dimensional compared to the Denon.
Do you mean in picture, sound, or both?
I have seen the now discontinued 971 in action...very nice video. So-so audio for the 971. The 981 is better in both aspects however, as mentioned by others, the new 980 has refined audio circuitry but ditches the finer vid chip. I'm a 70% music 30% movie/games kind of guy( yea, although I was born in the 60's I enjoy military type shooter games and they are awesome on my large pj screen). Anyways, the new 980 will suit me nicely for a budget player that performs much, much better than the price would suggest. And I, or anybody for that matter, can get it at list w/ free shipping if you look/buy at the right website.
How good IS the 980 in audio? I have a Toshiba HD-D2 (A2) for HD DVD and upsampled regular DVD. I would like a player to handle CD, SACD, and DVD-A.