Help me select a CD player to round out my system.

Over the past several months I have been upgrading my entire two channel system. The advice from people in this forum has been indispensable, so I call for help once again.

My current system consists of:
Preamp, Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi
Amp, Classe' CAM-350 monoblocs
Speakers, Vienna Acoustics Mahlers
CD player, California Audio Labs Icon MK II

I am looking to upgrade the CD source. However I'm struggling with all the choices and uncertainity, what with CD, SACD, DVD-A, CD/DVD etc.

I hope to achieve a slightly warm and analog-like sound with good dynamics and a big soundstage having excellent width and depth. The Mahlers can put out a lot of bass so I need good extension and control. I'm searching for a clean, musical midrange and a high end that has all the detail but lacking glare or harshness. I don't like the presentation to be glaring and "in your face".

I am willing to spend $3000 - $3500 give or take for new or used equipment.

An Audiogon friend, Greg, whose opinion I respect (he helped me select the Synergy IIi) suggested the Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D. So that made my short list. I have done numerous searches in this forum but would hope that additional information could be provided tailored to my specific system.

Any other suggestions would be most welcome.
Don't overlook auditioning a BAT VKD5 - it's my favorite for large scale music. IMHO, it comes fairly close to your description - the plus (or misus if you choose) is that its tubed - so you can tailor the sound somewhat if you choose.
I would highly consider looking at a Muse Model Eight Transport and a Model Two Ninety Six DAC at the price point you mention. This combo is damn close if not exactly what you describe you are looking for. Problem is they are not being manufactured anymore (replaced by the Model Ten tranny and 196 DAC). However, they have been available here on Audiogon.
I'll second Newbees recommendation. Strictly a redbook player. I've been running (for the last 3 months or so) a 5 year old VK-D5 with NOS Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 tubes and I am very happy with the musicality, midrange, and bass. No harshness whatsoever. This player sounds very natural to my ears. Note: I haven't heard the SE version yet. It can be had for under $2k nowadays.
I finally Got my Gamut CD1-R "Revised" and the wait was definitely worth it, I was looking for those same things, plus the new gamut looks way better than those review pictures.. (no Gold, and the RED Display is now green, all silver front aluminium face).

Otherwise don't forget the Meridian 508.24 players are amazing and can be had used for under $2k, try to get the real deal not an upgraded the 508.20 (Drawer Problem periodically, but great support)

The BAT will warm up your system but might not have the detail the newer above provide.
Reach further and get yourself the Audio Aero Mark II tubed CD player. it has a preamp so I can run my DVD player through it with the digital coax and I can also run my multiple disk Yamaha DC player through it via optical cable when I don't want to bother changing CDs for a while. the sound is amazing. Do a discussion forum search on Audio Aero. a fairly new one can be had for aprox. 4,200 to $4,500.00 on Audiogon. Yes, the extra cost is beyond your budget, but the results are amazing. ANALOG RESULTS FROM DIGITAL SOURCES!
I have auditioned the ARC CD-3 and thought it sounded excellent in my system.
I'd like to second the muse recommendation - although I see no reason not to buy the new model 10. Great redbook playback, dvdA, and DVD video - no comrpomise on the redbook playback - detailed yet non fatiguing!
The Electrocompaniet EMC-1 UP can be had NEW for mid threes; used MkII for $2500, and older originals for teens. RSVP if you need help upgrading if you get an older one.
These players have absolutely NO digital glare, and a truly analog sound with a VERY resolved soundstage. As you go up to the 192DAC and the SE power supplies upgrade they develop further top octave rez and extension, fleshing out the soundstage even better, with perhaps an increase in bass dynamics with the latter upgrade, too.
Best performance is undoubtedly with a balanced pre, however. If you're running single-ended then maybe an Ayre down near $2k, or that Gamut might help. I'd ignore the Meridians as way too diital-sounding for your (my?) taste.
Have fun.