Bose 901

I spent a weekend away listening to these .....

I find this review to be spot on.
here is some commentary you might find earlluminating

Neighbor had them, for a while their 'different' sound made a good impression on many in their era, but

primarily good at a party, sound 'everywhere',

suck as pair of imaging speakers,

suck as accurate full range,

ridiculous equalizer and it's loads on amps, 

Bose is the opposite of Mies van rer Rohe

Mies, famous quote "Less is More". 

Bose: lets trick everybody and get 'More from less'. They succeed, for a 'general' audience, especially wanting small stuff, but .....


I could not disagree anymore.

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i still have my 901 series 2 that i bought new back in the day! i'm not picky about sound but they're ok for me!
Anything yesterday is History.
My 40 year old speakers still sound good today.