Bose 901

I spent a weekend away listening to these .....

I find this review to be spot on.
here is some commentary you might find earlluminating

Neighbor had them, for a while their 'different' sound made a good impression on many in their era, but

primarily good at a party, sound 'everywhere',

suck as pair of imaging speakers,

suck as accurate full range,

ridiculous equalizer and it's loads on amps, 

Bose is the opposite of Mies van rer Rohe

Mies, famous quote "Less is More". 

Bose: lets trick everybody and get 'More from less'. They succeed, for a 'general' audience, especially wanting small stuff, but .....

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i still have my 901 series 2 that i bought new back in the day! i'm not picky about sound but they're ok for me!
So here's my take on the Five 901's I own (all Series 1 and 2). The Series 3 - 6 are plagued with the foam rot that most Vintage 1970's/1980's Speakers are guilty of. But who the Hell want to re-foam the surrounds on 18 4.5" Drivers.

I removed the ugly grill cloth, and replaced them with clear acoustically transparent black grille cloth. All Series 1 & 2 do not suffer from foam rot but the discrete active EQ's that I rebuilt were always plagued with low level hum no matter how I star GND'd everything.

My 901's are placed far way from room boundary walls and 18'' in front of the wall bend them. The Surround 901's are placed beside my Sofa and they work great as Surround Speakers. The front L. C. R Speakers are equidistantly spaced 7ft. apart from each other (14ft. from the L to the R Speaker).

Running the analog EQ's  and true balanced (using a Stereo Box to run one 901/PS Audio M700) helped Bass Definition and Midrange presence. But the best results I've had are Balanced 2x4 MiniDSP boards with a Series 2 EQ curve that I put together. I've had many "Audiophiles" hear my rig and never knew 901's could sound that good.

All High's, nice Mid's, deep Bass....It must be Bose !
I hate to admit it but had them for a while can't believe what I missed all that time. Then I switched to Maggie 1.7 and another world opened up.
I have a pair of Bose 901s Series  2 and my suffered from foam rot.....all the speakers need to be refomed....I still have all the paper work .
There is a very comprehensive review of the Bose 901 at ASR.
Quite a positive impression from the author but also points out the faults.
Lots of measurements and subjective impressions.