AudioQuest Niagara 1000 and Bose Lifestyle?

I know I know. Never should have bought a Bose Lifestyle system. But I did several years ago for my living room home theater system and I want to enhance the sound someway without throwing it away/selling it and getting nothing for it in return. 
I’m wondering if anyone has tried an AudioQuest Niagara 1000 with it, and does it make much of a difference than plugging it into a $40 surge protector that then goes directly into the wall? What about any Audioquest power cables as well? 
not worth it, and it should have some value on ebay
Not worth getting an Audioquest Niagara 1000 or any power line conditioners / distributors designed and built for hifi or high end audio or high end HT if it's for Bose lifestyle. Just stick with what you currently have. 

Not worth getting Audioquest or any other expensive power cables If it's for Bose. And besides Bose Lifestyle comes with its own proprietary AV receiver and not sure if the power cable is detachable or not. I doubt it is detachable. 

So, the Niagara 1000 and power cable upgrades are not worth it for Bose and won't do any good and most likely you won't be able to tell the difference sonically unless if you have real hifi and revealing setup/system.

Yes, I have AQ Niagara 7000 on my main system, and I definitely noticed a significant difference with that and upgraded AQ power cords. 

I’m thinking I may put the Bose Lifestyle on eBay and see what comes of it. Would have been better off with 2 pair of B&W 685 S2 and a HTM 62 S2 and a Pioneer or Marantz receiver.
Yes, Niagara 7000 or 1000 would make significant difference in high end hifi setup/system but not on Bose. What is your main system? 

Yes, B&W 685 S2 surround sound speaker system with either Marantz or Pioneer Elite receiver would definitely a step up from the Bose Lifestyle audio performance wise. Now with that setup you can get the AQ Niagara 1000 and upgraded power cords. 

The term "polishing a turd" seems particularly relevant here. Sell that crap for anything you can get for it and take it as penance for making that terrible decision. Look at this as a rebirth and console yourself with the realization that nothing but much better things lie ahead.
@Soix, that was great.  Best thing I read all day 👍
Why not plug the Bose into the 7000 even if by long extension cord to hear its effect.   I can’t imagine it not making the Bose sound better, and you can decide at that time if it’s worth the outlay.

i also run the 7000, and hope to get a dedicated line fed directly to it soon.   I know there is one guy from Europe on the forum that doesn’t like the unit, but I found it was a large sonic upgrade over a previous passive , and it can handle a full system with large mono.  amps well while actually improving dynamics.
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