BMI Whale Elite - Construction?

Hello all! I just had a quick question. I've heard great things about BMI cables - especially the Whale Elite. While I've read the postings from BMI regarding the cord, and it looks incredible, I was wondering if anyone has any details on the construction of the cable. I'm not really looking for trade secrets, but I'm curious about what I'm buying.

Dmrothfu: Give Brian @ BMI a call or an email. He is a nice guy and a pleasure to talk to. The only thing that I can make out on my units are that the male plugs are Leviton NEMA 5-15's (the female plugs are covered with shrink wrap and are not branded with anything that I recognize on the exposed ends).
How is the fit and finish of the cords? Do they make tight connections on both the male and female ends?
The fit and finish is fantastic. Tightly wrapped, solid connections and flexable. The male end is better than NBS and Electraglide, very similiar to the snakes.
Yes Jadem6 you are correct. When I received my first Whale and looked at it in the box, I was blown away. The thing is huge but very surprisingly easy to handle. It doesn't yank your IEC out of the wall and is very tight connection. Most impressive is how dramatically it improved my equipment's sound. Great product and have all Whales in my reference system. This is all after owning very expensive power cords.
Yes, they make solid contact and are easy to manipulate, considering their size (they twist so that aligning the plugs is a simple task).
Interesting question. The other questions is if you had two cables to choose from at the same price. The first on rates an A+ for build quality and finish and B+ for sound; the second one B+ for build quality and A+ for sound; which one would you buy??
The Whale is a clear A+ both in sound quality results and construction is very impressive. I should know, I have three including a Cobra.
I had sold my Fatboy and NBS statement on these criterias.
Sugarbrie, what do you own?
topkat: Ive got a FatBoy, but looking for a 3ft PC for amp coming next week (AirTight ATM300 8W SE Triode). Considering looking into Whale given price. What did you have EG on and how did EG and Whale compare in terms of space, harmonics, depth, added energy without losing the above, etc.? I dont want the mids to suffer. Thanks.
Asa-check out my system on Virtual Systems. I have Gryphon Reference Mono 1 amps with Gryphon Elektra preamp. That's what I have the Whales on. The Whale does a heck of a job when it comes to detail and midbass. Not too extended like the EG Fatman or Fatboy. And not too forward like the King Cobra V-1 & V2. I have Proac Response 5 speakers and Marantz Sa-1 sacd player. Plus I have the original Cobra on the line conditioner, but will probably go to a 4th Whale in the near future. The Whale complimented my system nicely without the coloration but keeping it neutral.
Asa: I used the Whale on my Audion Silver Night 300B (when the DAC was away for upgrades) though it was not a very good test as this particular amp is fairly cavalier about which cord powers it. The Whale however is one of only two PC's that I have tried that made a noticeable difference on this amp (though less pronounced than on the other gear). The difference was tighter bass and increased dynamics. I believe that Lak at this site may be using the Whale on his 2A3 amp, but am not certain. The other PC (that made a difference) was a new silver PC from Vantage audio, which I will be giving a thorough audition later next month (I just tried it for a few days before).
I've been currious about trying to demo the BMI cords and the Absolute cords. I will maybe this fall. I mostly have Vansevers cords and some thick 12AWG and 14AWG generic electrical hardware store variety.