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Best power cables for Krell?
I misread Brett996's dollar budget for cables. My mistake, the Whale sells between $500 -$700 on Audiogon depending on what length.You may want to check the EEL out in that price range of $200. I also have a pair of EELs running on my subs in the ... 
Best power cables for Krell?
BMI Whale elite power cables when installed gave the best bass, biggest soundstage and smooth mids & highs. The Whale was the most natural sounding , no coloration or brightness/ 
BMI Whale Elite - Construction?
Asa-check out my system on Virtual Systems. I have Gryphon Reference Mono 1 amps with Gryphon Elektra preamp. That's what I have the Whales on. The Whale does a heck of a job when it comes to detail and midbass. Not too extended like the EG Fatman... 
BMI Whale Elite - Construction?
The Whale is a clear A+ both in sound quality results and construction is very impressive. I should know, I have three including a Cobra.I had sold my Fatboy and NBS statement on these criterias.Sugarbrie, what do you own? 
New BMI Whale Elite Power Cord
I second that Statman. I have 3-Whales myself and they do a heck of a job improving my system. I started of with one, and was impressed. Then a second and a third. I put in a review of the Whale and comparison to the Big boys. I sold off the Big ... 
Best professional TEST CD?
The Sound Check/Test Gold CDs by MFSL, which have been out of print for years. Good Luck if you can find them. I was lucky and bought them when they first came out years ago. Much more accurate than the Stereophile Test CDs. 
power cord
I would have to agree with Lak, Dekay, Chriskh and 3chihuahuas about the Whale power cable. I currently have 3-Whales in my system (see my virtual system). In summary the Whale is an outstanding product and the price is great. In considering it to... 
Marantz SA-14
People who say the Marantz SA-14 is way better than the SA-1are the ones they can only wish they own the SA-1. The SA-14 is a nice unit, but it's not in the same league as the SA-1. My dealer friend has both on the floor, and I own the SA-1. Sound... 
Best CD player under 5000
Marantz SA-1 without question. MSRP is $7500 but street price is about $5000. 
Biggest soundstage in a CD Player ?
I had the Levinson 39 in my system for 6 months on loaner from a dealer friend ( I do all of his legal work in barter). The Marantz SA-1 as a "CD" player was head and shoulders in everything you want to hear verse the Levisnon 39. In the SACD mode... 
Biggest soundstage in a CD Player ?
9fold- you are exacto-correcto sir, and I commend you.People have to realize that without companies like Marantz and Sony, to do the R & D, the hi-end industry (especially digital) would suffer. I don't want to put down the smallUS hi-end comp... 
Biggest soundstage in a CD Player ?
Lev335, whatever you say. The Marantz SA-1 is just another Marantz CD player. Levinson can only wish they can package a player like SA-1. Sure they can copy the Marantz SA-1 for about $15K. I had the Levisnon 39 in my system for 6 months from my d... 
Biggest soundstage in a CD Player ?
ps. Check my previous threads for reasons why the Marantz SA-1 is possibly the world's best natural sounding player. 
Biggest soundstage in a CD Player ?
The Marantz SA-1 SACD/CD player. A clear cut winner over Wadia product and Levinson. 
SCD-1 can be purchased at 2850 new.
Tommart, that is true the Marantz SA-1 is discontinued in production. That was there statement piece, and believe it or not -Japanese companies don't make any money with these type of pieces. It's all for show, and this is what we can do , is ther...