Album Whale: An easy place to share fun lists of albums

My friends and I just made Album Whale, a website to help you easily make lists of albums and share with friends.

We made Album Whale because we love music, we wanted to make lists, and we wanted to share our favorite albums with friends. There are lots of folks making lists of their favorite albums. There are also more esoteric lists, like this one of Raymond Pettibon covers. 😀

It's free and just for fun––we wanted a simple website that lets us make lists without having ads plastered all over the page. I'm sharing because I think the music fans here might also enjoy putting together lists of their favorites, classic rock themes, artists top tens, and so on. If you do get around to trying it out, I'd love to see what lists you make. And definitely feel free to give me your feedback on the experience. Enjoy.


Raymond Pettibon album covers


Another great way to share favorite music is on YouTube. There is a group of people who are collectively known as The Vinyl Community, and it's "members" (it's not really an organization) post videos on YouTube, showing and discussing titles in their music collections. LP's are the norm, but CD's aren't forbidden ;-) .