BMI Whale Elite Power Cord for a Tube Preamp?

Is the BMI WHALE ELITE Power Cord a good choice for a Tube Preamp?
I'm thinking of using this PC on my VTL 2.5 preamp. Has anyone tried this PC on a tube preamp.
Is this to much power cord for the preamp. The thing is HUGE!!!!!
Any help or comments on this would be appreciated.
Thanks, Rick.
This a good cord. Easier cords to deal with are TG Audio SLVR or Pure Note Sigma $300-$500 range. Excellent sonics.
I have one on my Audio Research LS25MkII. Sounds great!
I use a Whale Elite on my Presence Sound preamp and Cary 2A3 monoblocks. It works well.
Sounds good.
Thanks for the info.

i use bmi whale elite mkII on my cd and on my cj pv-11
with great result and i am thinking giving the result of adding a whale elite mkIII on my bryston 4b amp
so give a call to BRIAN you won't be disapointed
I used one on my VTL 5.5 for a while, but the Kimber Palladian provides substantially greater openness and harmonic richness.
I use a Whale Elite mk3 on my Lamm LL2 preamp and found it to be the next match. It greatly improved the imaging and resolution. Had the Bmi Shark on it originally then found it best on my Lamm ML2 mono tube amps.
where I can order the BMI Whale?