Best universal player under 1k used?

I realize that I am asking a purely subjective question but who else do I have to ask? I have sold off all of my seperates and am currently putting together a simplified system using an Electrocompaniet ECI-4 integrated with Nordost Solar Wind cables to Silverline SR17.5 monitors on sound anchor stands.

I am currently considering an Arcam DV135. I am only interested in stereo for my system but the universal must also play dvd. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The Pioneer DV-79, Denon 3910/3930 or Marantz 9500/9600.
The Denon 3910 is hard to beat for $450 used. With HDMI, DVI, S-video and component video out, it's more flexible than other units. The video is simply stunning and audio is on par with other players in the sub 1000 category. Here's a worthwhile review:
Where would the Marantz 7001 rank with these? I believe it can be had under $1K.
Denon 3910 is a good choice for around $450-500. 5910s can be had for about $100 more.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. After a lot of searching and reading I think I am going with an Arcam unit.
I must amend my earlier post, the 5900 can be had for about $100 more than the 3910. The 5910 is *significantly* more expensive than the 3910. And it's one of a heckuva fine unit, too, but closer to $1300 used than $600. However, those 3910s that are all over the place for $400 - $450 are the smokin' deal, IMHO.

And, if you want to save even MO' MONEY, look into the Oppo 981HD or the 980H units. These things are scary good for what you pay. My 981HD came as a re-furb directly from Oppo for $185 and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm using it for my bedroom system where the video capability was MUCH more important. And I can tell you that it puts out a KILLER picture when it upconverts regular DVDs and displays them on the Vizio LCD I bought. The Vizio 32" is another re-furb - to this one I added a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty for $69, good, cheap, peace of mind!

You cannot believe how good a $185 DVD player hooked up to a $425 32" LCD looks! For just a touch over $600 the video performance is, as I said before, SCARY good!

This is a magical time for low-budget video gear - Oppo and Vizio are seriously kicking ass right now. And the really cool part is that it's gonna get a little cheaper still!!

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