Best Travelin Music

Music that put you in the best mood for goin places....
I remember PF "Wish You Were Here" great all night interstate music. Also Deep Purple "Highway Star" not close to hi fi but .... pedal to the metal!!
Funkadelic used to do it for me, got me through Santa Cruz anyway.
I've found cruisin' comfort in Lou Reed's "New York".
Chris Rea - 'The Road to Hell' and 'Auberge'
top down and foot to the floor
talking heads, "stop making sense". if you can't get off on this, best turn around and head back home. you're not likely to experience a very good day.
City of New Orleans,Arlo Guthrie,If your going by train.
This is one of those secret pleasures...I generally don't listen to rock & roll music, but a long drive just isn't worth it if you don't take some Bob Seger. The abundance of Silver Bullet Band recordings sold at truck stops is a testament to this fact.
Rambling man , Allman
Jimi Hendrix' version of "All Along the Watchtower", Allman Brothers' live version of "Whipping Post" from Filmore East, Jefferson Airplane's "Wooden Ships", Talking Heads "Life During Wartime" and Lou Reed "Walk on the Wild Side" Ok, these are some of my all time favorites and I'd be happy to have them with me when I go. I also like songs that remind me of places, for example when I ski in the Berkshires, I listen to James Taylor when I am driving there.
"Roadrunner", by (Jonathan Richman and) the Modern Lovers, especially if you're driving 'round Boston on Route 128. Come to think of it, the whole album is great for driving. They are the greatest unknown band since the Velvet Underground (no coincidence about that though).
Depends on where I'm going, why I'm going there and who I'm with. For those long trips by yourself, nothing beats Neil Young (esp Harvet) or CSN!
For some reason.......likely top down trips to Road America..
with it playing..... The l970's album by Valarie Carter called
"Wild Child" has always ment "Road Trip" to me.
Depends what your "trip" is! Dead - Europe '72; Beatles Abbey Road.
"Riders of the Storm", and INXS' "Listen Like Theives" album.
Anthing loud and fast that includes the music not just the car, heheheheh.
another vote for Talking Heads and Dolby's "keys to your Ferrari"
Also, "All Day Music" by War.