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Who is the sexiest female vocalist?
Anita Baker... oooooooooooooooooo 
One Song That Still Causes...
"Wooden Ships" via Jefferson Airplane 
Newbie with "bright" system
Slap some Shakti "On Lines" onto you interconnects and see what happens. Sure you're paying $100 for 50 cents worth of material but, hey, if it works it's worth it -right?goto: www.amusicdirect.com 
if i could trade places......
Beam me into E. Clapton the night he performed "Spoonful". Although compositionally challanged, the spirituallity, sincerity and intensity of this work add up to: "Big Medicine". Everything's alive about it... 
BEL amp repairs
Phone: 408 259-8648 
ARC VT-130SE owners
Just call ARC and ask them... 
Any good and cheap CD racks?
I went to Wall Mart and bought six wooden CD racks. Next, I bought a 4 X 8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and screwed theCD racks on to it. This holds about 1200 CD's. Naturally,make sure to secure the plywood so I won't come tumbling down. 
Don't worry, it just means you're alive... 
PS Audio LAMBDA II Transport
It could be the LASER needs to be replaced. These have a lifespan of about ten years. My SONY ES pickup burned out and caused symptoms like yours. 
Electronic Circuitry For Dummies
I'd get an electronics 101 handbook. This is what you're looking for. 
Capacitance: Help me understand
Capacitance is the capacity (get it?) of your wire to store electrical charge (i.e. the energy coming from your amp on its way to your speakers). If your speaker cable has lots of (i.e., high) capacitance, they will store energy as it enters the w... 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
Igor Kipnis: "The Young Beethoven" (Epiphany Recordings)Perfect Saturday morning music. Very robust and rousing! 
Music for "Tough Times"
Polka! Polka! Polka! 
I need the more better digital
Hey Snooky,What is the price of Audiomeca gear? The big mags' haven't reviewed these yet (have they?). Dcs stuff too expensive -any relief with A/M? Thanks...  
Gold disk VS regular disk?
Gold disks are (usually) derived from original master tapes or, at least, have had extra attention during the mastering process. Also, as gold does not react with oxygen (oxidize), they will not fail (like aluminum) if their plastic shell acquires...