Traveling to Mentor Ohio - anyone close by??

I will be traveling to Mentor Ohio next weekend.  Anyone local to that area?

be aware that large parts of the state resemble open prison camps with the local leo waiting palms outstretched to "ferry you" out of harms way .. covid ain\t no thang in them thar parts. I would be more concerned with a stray cat doused with fentanyl rubbing up against your leg .. you do have naloxone booster right? not to worry if not ... i think they still carry it in Mickey Dees. Ask for it as part of the "bad man special" ... fake ice cream sundae with a Narcan sprinkle...

oHio ..? you have my condolences but if you wanna meet some fun babes just post here and I will scribble the names of people that will excede expectations. buckeyes indeed. the state whose flag featueres crossed bindles
Whatsa matta, Frankie? Did you have a bad experience here in the fine state of Ohio? It doesn't surprise me given your attitude. Hopefully, you won't be back.
right on mink.. you dam right i won\t be back..the state of SL syndrome... enough and begone ! i speaketh of beautiful audio anon !@
bigkidz, did you make it out yet?  I live south of Cleveland and grew up in Mentor.

If you made it in and back out withouts any issues you should thank the saints begorra. Way too many lads end up in the dirt in Slohio