Best Speaker Cable choices for Solid State system

I have an all Cary solid state HT/music system. My concern is maximizing the sound of music (home theater will sound fine anyway).

What are some of the recommended speaker cable picks for solid state systems? I realize most of the people here use tubes but thought I'd ask.

BTW, I value the usual tube sound attributes even though I have a SS system. I know, I know - but most home theater stuff is solid state. Even Cary's.
For HT, I use the Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cables. Yes there probably is better cables out there, but when it comes down to it, you'll have to spend alot more money to get a better sound, especially when it comes to HT. Besides the Satori's ae a bargain at some of the used prices you'll find here on Audiogon. Now for my 2 channel system, I use Kimber Select 3035's, I can't justify a cable that pricey for HT. This is just my opinion.
Signal cable silver resolution- beats or equals all high-priced brands available-just check (SC) feedback-allows you to spend your money on a discernable difference in sound such as equipment upgrades - way too much hype in cable promotions
1 cable that will convince you , Kubala-Sosna "Emotion"
try there 30 day free trial, and never look back.
NOTE: System dependent!
check out the forum on the Emotion line

Good Luck
Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 (Veracity) should definitely be one of the speaker cables you consider. There has been a lot of discussion on this forum, which you can access through the archive. A-C sells their cable direct via Internet, with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Larry: There ae many good choices. I use Purenote Paragons in my system (KRELL). FWIW.
I have used 1 speaker cable which I have kept for 10 years. Always sounded great to me so I have had no reason to change - Kimber 8TC. I feel this cable is reasonably priced and sounds great. While I cant say there are not better cables, these always deliver that goosebump experience for me. Midrange, treble, bass and dynamics. Just do a search on audiogon to see how fast these sell when reasonably priced. My experience includes Krell, Plinius, Quad, Levinson and Bedini solid state amps. Also includes mucho tubes including Cary, ARC, Homebuilt SET, and many vintage amps. Good luck with your search.
Can any of you honestly say your cables sound better than 16 gage zip cord? Have you ever done double-blind evaluations? Don't tell me it takes days of listening to tell the difference.

Could be wrong, but skeptical. I know there's a lot of magic, just wondering about the hocus.

Some of the speaker cables I've been considering for solid state (based on discussions here) include:

Goertz Alpha Core
Audience AU24
Cardas Cross
Cardas Quad 5C

Are the Kimbers a good match for a slightly bright SS system?

My system is on the bright side (using Klipsch horn speakers). I really love the NBS speaker cables (Signature series and above), they tame the brightness quite well. I also had great results with my VooDoo Reference speaker cables.

Get Flexgy6 by River Cable. Mellow with detail and very affordable to boot.
Well I now have a pair of Cardas Quad 5C's in the house. I'm just (re) burning them in, but they're not at all what I expected so far. Instead of being darker, more tube like, they seem to have a brighter balance - though they never zing you. Very easy on the ears. In fact everything seems to have a slight honey coating to it - which so far I love.

There's also something else going on that I haven't put my finger on yet. Amazing soundstaging, palpability, yes. But there's something that just draws me much more into the music - and makes it sound (seriously) like I'm hearing it for the first time.

I was listening to a piano recital at Carnagie hall disc (Zhou Zhou, Bling Bling, Xing Xing - I forgot his name). In any case, when I listened to it before, it sounded like light and somewhat dull concert fare performaned by an artist with obviously excellent technique.

This time I was sucked into every phrase, which sounded like each one was given very different attention than the one before it. And I was hearing the silence around the notes and wondering how he could pull this delicate almost meditative act off within the pressures of a Carnagie Hall recital. Quite different than the impression I had before of just deftly performed parlor tunes.

Maybe even more astounding was a Yo Yo Ma disc of oriental music (the title also escapes me). It was so dimensional, nuanced and gorgeous to listen to, I haven't gotten past it yet. It's playing over again for a third time in row. I just can't get past the beauty, amazing musicianship, etc.

It's almost like I would imagine listening to music on ecstasy would be like (with this crazily enhanced sense of empathy and oneness with the music). It's freaking me out, but I'll figure out what's going - and at the expense of what else later. But it sure does make listening to the rig fun in the mean time.

Ouch, I guess I sound like some of those reviewers I make fun of who feel the need to report a cartharsis with every piece of equipment over $3000 they review. BUT.. there's definitely something going on here - and anyway I didn't even pay $300. :D
you may want to try the Linn speaker wire, it sounds very good and is not expensive, I too am not so convinced on expensive interconnect and wire, and have tried some, mostly interconnect, although I am always willing to listen. I agree with an above post that it doesn't take along time to figure it out. Try some stuff, hook it up and listen. Your ears will tell you.
Come on people, the same atatements about wire is wire over and over.

As ones equipment improves , the difference in cables will become more apparant. Everthing matters.

That is not to say that you need to spend $$$ but, zip cord wire and such becomes clearly inferior when the level of equpiment is there. Dont kid your self that wire is wire. There are $$$ in the Engineering of cables. There are probaly alot of bull to, but dont get hung up on what it is , rather be concerned of what it does.

Compare that statement to quality speakers. The raw components are not that expensive , but getting it to sound right is where the Engineering comes in.

Use the cable Company to borrow different cables with your system. Each component stands on its own as to cable synergy and only in the actual system can you tell.
Ozzy, I agree with you completely. Once you own the good stuff this is obvious - but it won't stop those that never have about arguing 'til they're blue in the face that cables don't make a difference. It really gets tiresome.
Try a pair from Gregg Straley I have all solid state equipment and the cables are smooth and detailed.